Naja’atu Resigns From APC, Says Tinubu Mentally Ill, Hangers on Want to Use Him to Rule

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Ms Naja’atu Muhammad stated that Mr Tinubu’s frail hands cannot be trusted with the leadership of Africa’s most populous country.

Ms Muhammad told DCL Hausa that the former Lagos governor may be suffering from severe dementia, which is characterized by memory loss and the inability to carry on a conversation or respond to the environment.

“I sat with him for two hours in London; when you mention green, he will respond with red. He can’t even read. He has severe dementia; I believe he has Alzheimer’s because he can’t even hold a cup of tea,” she explained.

Ms Muhammad, a former APC chieftain, recently resigned from her position as director of civil society engagement in the APC Presidential Campaign Council (PCC), citing her inability to serve national interests in good conscience if she continues to support Mr Tinubu’s presidential bid.

Ms Muhammad clarified her remarks in the interview, confirming the former Lagos governor’s widely publicized poor health.

She revealed that Mr Tinubu slept almost the entire time she was with him during a two-hour private meeting in London.

“Asiwaju that I sat with for two hours, he slept most of the time, it was Bisi Akande that I was really talking to. Most importantly, he is not only physically unfit, but also mentally unfit, whether we like it or not,” she said.

She went on to say that while Mr Tinubu’s associates may feel obligated to repay him for his political goodwill in the past, they will not go so far as to entrust the leadership of Africa’s most populous country to his frail hands.

“But when you talk of the leadership of over two hundred million people, you know that if you remove tribal sentiments, you know that he is incapable; those that will rule are those around him. This is the truth. “I said it: he’s mentally deranged,” she added.

Mr Tinubu’s spokesperson did not respond to calls and messages seeking comment on Ms Muhammed’s claims.