NANS 2015: Time For Nigerian Students To Choose, Part 7

By Ibrahim Kabiru Dallah
Dear Reader, in my quest to analyse all the Presidential candidates of the forthcoming National Convention of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) some person’s are not really happy with way and manner I have exposed the weaknesses of their candidates to the extent that they threatened to deal with me in their own way.
However, I am not bothered neither am I disturbed with their mere threats, they should know that I am ready to expose them further if care is not taken, some of us may be new to the business but we know norms and values of the business much more better than many of them. I will continue to write about their under dealings and HEAVEN would not FALL.
Few days ago, I discussed about the NANS Presidential series with my leader and mentor, the first NANS President Danlad Sunday Oladele, guess what, he commended and urged me to continue with the good job that I have started.
This weekend, I will present to you Comrade Isaiah Nwankwo, a student of UniZik, Anambra State, he was the former National Assistant Secretary General of NANS, in fact, he belong to that old generation of NANS that have spent over a decade.
For the few years that I have known Isaiah as a person, he has no problem with any individual whatsoever, a man of peace and very friendly to the new generation of Comrades, I make bold to say that if NANS Presidential seat would be base on experience then Isaiah is the best candidate for the job.
I asked Isaiah to send what he has in stock for the teeming Nigerian Students, please lend me your ear attentively “I want to build a vibrant, stable, egalitarian NANS where peace and progress will be the watchwords”, he said.
With the above quoted statement, Nigerian Students should know by now there are those that doesn’t deserve to be their leader, in my own personal opinion as an individual that has no voting right, I want to states categorically clear that Isaiah has no clear vision and direction for the teeming Nigerian Students, he may has something good in-built for them but he has failed to expressed it to me in his message.
As a matter of fact, Isaiah has really lost touch with the reality in the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), as such, he should leave the scene this time around since the ovation is still loud, how should he be contesting when his younger brother, the incumbent National Public Relation Officer is in the race.
Therefore, without sounding sensational, I want to advise that Comrade Isaiah Nwankwo should kindly withdraw from the race for NANS Presidency, in fact, he should relocate back to his base, Cross Rivers and continue with his normal Church programme.
I want to use this platform to remind all my leaders, friends, brothers, enemies and well-wishers across Nigeria and Diaspora that my wedding Fatiha is 14th November, 2015 in Nasarawa State-Nigeria.
The first NANS President in 1980 Comrade Danlad Oladele will be there all the way from Ibadan, Oyo State to celebrate with me.
While High Chief (Dr.) Tijani Usman Shehu, the capacity and empowerment President of NANS would be leading all the former NANS Presidents and host of others to Nasarawa State just to celebrate with me.
God bless you all.
The series will continue next week.
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