Negotiating With Terrorists: Let The Chibok Parents Decide

May 15, 2014


We have come to the conclusion that the only legitimate option for the government of Nigeria in the predicament of the abducted 234 Chibok girls is to entrust the decision to negotiate with the terrorists to the parents of the girls.

We advise the Federal government of Nigeria to host a meeting of all affected parents for them to make a decision on what course of action Nigeria should take in handling the release of their wards. This recommendation is in the best interest of the nation and the direct victims of our failure. This decision on the next course of action is made with due consideration of the reality that the government of Nigeria, based on the history of its dealings with Boko Haram, leading up to this notable abduction, has lost the credibility to make this decision on behalf of the victims. The Nigerian civilians are the only entity endowed with the credibility, responsibility and authority to decide in this matter.

In regards to giving money for the release of the girls; if the parents so decide, then so be it. There are mechanisms of controlling the impact of financed terrorists, and it is time these are enacted. Nigeria’s commonwealth goes to terrorists’ hands every day, regardless. Nigeria’s oil goddess still steals $4 million from the poor masses including the Chibok families, every day in the kerosene subsidy scam that the executive and senate leadership yet refuses to debar. If this is not money going to terror, in frank terror to the nation, then what is? Billions of dollars looted from Nigeria’s oil revenue by government officials and their cabal partners is what finances terror. Thus, giving some money to these terrorists today if the parents so decide, will be Nigeria-business as usual. We assure you that the money you give them will not affect or in any way reduce the rate at which we are going to be killing them. Boko Haram are dead. The civilians have dug their graves.

In regards to prisoner swaps. We have earlier advised the Nigerian government to visit Algeria for consultation on how the Algiers government addressed their similar “Boko Haram” crises of the 90’s “Black decade.” Apart from the Algerians officially training and arming civilians to defend their neighborhoods, they decreed a conditional amnesty by which terrorists who had not been directly implicated in death or rape were released. If the Chibok parents so decide, we believe Nigeria can exchange some of those women and youth arrested who have not been directly involved in murder or rape in exchange for the girls. Those convicted of rape and murder should have long been killed.

We also strongly advise you not to listen to advice from any so-called northern leaders. Many of those who shout loudest and come forward to make suggestions to the government today have lost the credibility to do so. Where were they during the four years of Boko Haram free flowing carnage? Where were they when Churches, Mosques and farming villages were destroyed across the north? We do not believe they care about these 234 girls when they hardly cared about the 40-80,000 who have been massacred. Most especially, please do not listen to certain individuals who suddenly became Boko Haram “analysts” as a French media organization referred to them. Their amazing ability to predict Boko Haram’s next moves to the letter have made them greatly suspect. It is strongly advised you steer clear from these persons.

We also caution you against information and advice from foreign “partners” and the nation’s you are visiting in addressing this Nigerian situation. Please realize the hesitance of these nations, despite the Boko Haram holocaust, to declare the group a terror organization. Please notice the UN’s reluctance to do the same and to place sanctions and declare resolutions against Nigerian government officials and partners for their support and sponsorship of Boko Haram terror. Nigerians have only Nigerians to blame and to consult in these matters. We have only ourselves.

Thus, we advise a meeting of the parents during which they are informed of the consequences of all decisions they take and they confer and decide what decision Nigeria should take in this matter. If they decide we use force at the risk of harm, we assure you, the civilian army is on stand-by to accompany the military to search, rescue and exterminate. It is time for the Nigerian people.

By God, no girl can die or be killed by a terrorist unless it is the stipulated time of her death as decreed by God.

It is time to act fast. May the Merciful Almighty have mercy on us all.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah for [Every Nigerian Do Something]
Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian