New York Governor Announces Firing All Unvaccinated Nurses by Midnight, to “Deploy the National Guard”

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As New York continues to face a dire crisis with nurses refusing to get vaccinated, the state governor Kathy Hochul has announced she is going to deploy the national guard and get retired nurses and foreigners to replace them by midnight.

DB: As tens of thousands of unvaccinated New York health-care workers are set to be fired on Monday once the state’s COVID-19 vaccination deadline kicks in, Gov. Kathy Hochul has a plan for a potential staffing shortage: a statewide state of emergency.

Hochul said preparations were underway Saturday to make an emergency declaration, clearing the way for health-care workers not licensed in New York to fill in the gaps of those terminated. The declaration will also allow workers from other countries, recent graduates, and retirees to practice in New York. In addition, the state may deploy “medically trained” National Guard troops, according to a statement from the governor’s office.ADVERTISING

“We are still in a battle against COVID to protect our loved ones, and we need to fight with every tool at our disposal,” Hochul said in a statement. “I commend all of the health care workers who have stepped up to get themselves vaccinated, and I urge all remaining health care workers who are unvaccinated to do so now so they can continue providing care.”

The state continues to face a serious crisis as many nurses have refused to get vaccinated and have taken the government to court over its mandates.

The state’s teachers recently won a court injunction to halt mandatory vaccine ordinances.