Nigeria: A Spectre Is Haunting The Army: And That Spectre Is ‘Truth’

image below with spare ammunition brought to the front of the Hussainiyah building at 12 noon the day of the massacre

by Umar Shu’aibu,

In the name of Allah the beneficent, the Merciful
Peace be unto Prophet Muhammad (S) and his household

The warning issued by Nigerian army, through their spokesman Kukasheka was very surprising and ineffective. Posing a threat to members of the Islamic movement on what they referred to as calumny and misinterpretation. In a word; misinterpretation and calumny by their definition is the way members of the Islamic movement are busy sharing the factual verifiable evidences on the Zaria carnage.

After the entire massacre and incarceration of unverified figures, arrest of our leader and his wife malama Zeenatuddeen; including demolition and destructions of our properties. We are expected to maintain silence.

The Nigeria Army made a warning, urging members of the Islamic movement to cease from publicizing the vivid picture of what happened in Zaria. For them, we must keep quiet, as if they committed no evil. If not they will kill more.

For fellow Nigerians that are willing to do justice, and are yet to settle on previous evidences provided, they should try and study the reasons behind this inappropriate warning.

The truth is always a truth, nothing can distort it. Is there anything that we said which is not perpetrated by the army?

The world is in need of an answer, where are this 3 sons of Sheikh Zakzaky? Hammad, Ali Haidar, and where is Humaid?

Haven’t you demolished and destroyed the Gyallesu resident of Sheikh Zakzaky?

What about our Hussainiyyah?

What of the condition of our martyr’s cemetery ‘Darur Rahma’?

Those people we believed you killed and buried in mass, is that also a fabricated lie?

You said those killed are not up to thousands as we affirmed, we are waiting for you to release them alive please.

We know them; they are our fathers, our brothers, and friends.

They all have homes. If the army truly did not kill them, we need them back home.

If we are not provided with answers, do not expect silence from us because we are not dummies. We depend on the truth, we only dealt with facts.

We want to know the whereabouts of our leader, isn’t he in your custody? We want to know his health condition and that of his wife.

Till then, we must say out the truth and demand for justice. Shikenan!

Abul Fadl Abbas Foundation,
Zariya, Kaduna, Nigeria.,