Nigeria Dirtiest Health Fraud: Fmc, Owerri Medical Director In Unlimited Looting Spree (Documents Attached)

by Fejiro Oliver

While Nigerians keep calling for probe into the accounts of the oil and gas industry which is known as the haven of corruption, what they don’t know is that the looting going on in the petroleum industry has a strong rival in the health ministry with the Federal Medical Centre (FMC) Owerri arguably taking the lead.

President Elect, General Muhammadu Buhari may have found his first easy victim for Kirikiri prisons as documents in the hands of this reporter can authoritatively reveal that the Medical Director of the hospital is a corrupt mermaid and an empress with the hospital as her conquered empire and the staffers her conquests. In this her kingdom, the rule of the jungle is the only accepted norm and no one who goes against the dictum is spared.

Very reliable sources revealed that apart from attempting to privatize key hospital departments like Pharmacy, Nursing, Radiology, Laboratory and stores to her cronies who will manage it and give her kick back, she has also violated the civil service law by continuously paying herself overtime, running into millions of Naira. To cover up her crime, she has also arm twisted the auditor into collecting overtime too, while the legitimate staffs who should collect such are not paid.

According to Civil service rule section 130116 to 130126, any officer above level 14 is not entitled to get overtime Mrs Angela who is a level 17 officer draws such money from the federation’s account and boasts that no one can question her on it. To keep this fraud from been sighted by people, she removes her level in documents prepared to claim overtime.

According to a source, the powerful corrupt goddess went to Abuja and took the money meant for personnel cost in settling arrears after getting a fraudulent got virement and transferred d money from personnel cost into capital expenditure and paid all the company she has interest in. She paid over Two Hundred and Thirty Six Million (N236,001, 424) to twelve of such ‘contractors’, where she allegedly has shares with some of them owned by her. All the payment was made between 25th to 28th February 2015. When the accountant refused to sign for the virement she went to Abuja and under two days she came back with virement approval.

For refusing to assent to the MD transferring the sum of  N242million from one account to the other, since it’s against financial rules and regulations of the health ministry, sources confided in this reporters that he has been penciled down for removal, which the hospital union are ready for a showdown with her if such happens. The money entered the FMC account in November 2014.

Continuing her looting spree which has no end, she also got a fake virement and diverted what is suspected as the 2013/2014 promotional arrears of workers to buy one refurbished CT scan machine. The MD forced the HOD of Radiology department to accept the ‘dead’ machine which he refused.  His refusal caused him his position.

Despite her numerous lies that the hospital is not generating funds enough to run expenditures and privatizing key departments will do the magic, documents available shows that she is a liar. This reporter can confirm that the Internally Generated Revenue for the hospital yearly is over Five Hundred Million Naira (N500 Million). This amount was also revealed by some union workers who went to a Radio State in the State called Hot FM and stated their displeasure over the tyrannical regime of Angela. This revelation on the Radio programme has earned them a query citing divulging information against ‘Oath of Secrecy’

According to a hospital source “If these departments she wants to outsource do not make much money respectively, how has the management been coping in running the hospital as they say that they only receive an overhead of N2.7 million? How does she pay herself overtime running into millions till date? This is evidence based”.

The hospital staff have demanded for her immediate sack especially as she has been in the saddle for 8  years and her two terms already finished, else they will shut down the hospital.

***To be continued.