Nigeria Gears up for Possible Pro-France Intervention in Niger Following Military Coup

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Following the recent military coup in Niger, Nigeria’s Bola Tinubu is reportedly considering military intervention in the neighboring state. While this information remains unconfirmed by official sources, the potential intervention underscores Nigeria’s commitment to regional stability and democratic governance.

The military coup in Niger, led by elements within the national armed forces, has created an environment of uncertainty and fear for western hegemonists including France and the United States who have vested interests in the landlocked central West African state.

Niger of course has strategic significance too. While it is easy to dismiss it as a landlocked and impoverished country in the middle of the desert, Niger has a critical stock of natural resources, including uranium, coal, gold, iron ore, tin, phosphates, petroleum, molybdenum, salt, and gypsum. Its uranium supplies are among the world’s largest, which is absolutely critical for nuclear power. It is for this reason that France is not willing to give up Niger without a fight, and a potential proxy conflict may loom. If Western-backed interests in the country are defeated, the strategic loss of Niger in terms of the resources it wields would be huge, and it is highly likely that China would gain an advantage over the West in the process.

All of this has made Niger into the world’s most unlikely new frontier.

“Down With France”

Pro-coup protesters were seen carrying Russian flags in support of the Niger coup plotters.

While there are rumors that the deposed president Mohamed Bazoum was going against France and this prompted a France-initiated coup, the uncertainty of the results of the coup seem to have fostered grounds for anxiety in the West with a desire to ensure a continued grip on the African nation, home of the US military base in the region.

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), of which Nigeria is a prominent member, has a dictated protocol on Democracy and Good Governance, which emphatically condemns any forceful seizure of power. The ECOWAS, in a recent statement, has expressed its disapproval of the military coup in Niger, underlining that it contradicts the regional bloc’s democratic ideals.

Tinubu-in bed with France, has reportedly initiated a troop deployment to Sokoto state at the border with Niger to plan for an impromptu invasion and no-fly zone.

Tinubu has ben used to frequenting France for Medical tours even before he assumed office this year. Nigeria’s presidents of recent who have been quite old, are betrothed to western nations whom they depend on for their literal survival.

Russia–America Proxy War

As a result of the Ukraine action in its backyard, Russia in its Africa summit just wrote off $22 billion in African debt as Vladmir Putin goes all out to disrespect American and European interests across the world that it has hitherto not challenged.

Russia and China are increasing support and investment in Africa including military support as they continue to undermine America and Europe.