Nigeria Needs A Competent Leader Bereft Of Religious Attachment – Junaid Mohammed

Junaid Mohammed

Second republic lawmaker, Junaid Mohammed has said President Muhammadu Buhari should bury any thought of going for a second term.

While speaking with journalists on Friday, Mohammed said Nigerians were tired of his administration.

He reiterated that some cabals have hijacked power from Buhari.

He said, “The cabal under Buhari has virtually taken over the affairs of the country from him and he cannot counterbalance them, a situation that is very dangerous for the Nigerian people and their future.

“As it has emerged, Buhari cannot take firm decisions against the cabal running his government and working for their selfish interest. In the end, the President is always trying to pacify the cabal to the detriment of Nigeria and it is very sad.

“This country therefore needs a competent leader bereft of religious, tribal and health challenges to manage its affairs,” he said.