Nigeria scientist to commence research on Lassa fever virus… ‘Disovers cure for Ebola’

by Ibrahima Yakubu

A Nigerian Laboratory scientist who major in parasitology (Prof) Ayodele I. Adeleye said he is commencing research into Lassa fever in his Lab in kaduna state very soon.

Prince Adaleye, a retired head of ABU lab department, who made the disclosure in an interview however warned medical personnel against improper hand washing, saying only mouth and face mask and thorough hand wash would guarantee their safety in the face of the wide spread Lassa fever virus in the country.

Adeleye who revealed that he has already got cure for Ebola virus said he discovered the Ebola cure during his research into cure HIV/AIDS.

According to him, even though he has no details yet, he would like to know how the virus get into the body and the kinds and nature of damaged it caused to the part of the cell or body system infected, especially the intestine, by the virus caused by house rats.

According to him, the Lassa fever virus is plenty in the rat saliver and transmitted, each time it bites on any food items and conterminnated it.

“My research on HIV got Ebola cure. Unfortunately nobody here to inject it. But is so fast and cured within a short time after taken it, like two days.

“The Lassa fever virus research is to see how we come by in smoking it out because killing it is wiping it out”, he said.

According to him, blocking entries like holes, using rat killer medicine, proper coverage if food items among other measures remains the best prevention and protection from being infected.