A Nigerian Christian’s Reaction To The Campaign Of Calumny Against Shia Islam in Nigeria


On 12th December, 2015 President Buhari sent the Nigerian army to attack the peaceful Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) under the leadership of His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky. The Nigerian army bombed and killed more than one thousand innocent Nigerian civilians in 48 hours killing spree and dumped their dead bodies in mass graves at night. The entire world, with exception of followers of murderous Wahhabism, condemned this inhuman savagery and murderous barbarism by the Nigerian government under President Buhari.

After the inhuman and brutal massacre in Zaria, President Buhari and his gang of mass murderers launched massive campaigns of calumny and demonization against Shia Islam, Sheikh Zakzaky, IMN and Iran. President Buhari’s Chief executioner, Nigerian Army Chief Tukur Buratai, told the Nigerian Human Rights Commission (NHRC) that “Shiites are worst than BokoHaram”. Meaning those 1000+ Nigerian civilians that he inhumanly murdered are worst than the murderous BokoHaram terrorists that are daily killing innocent Nigerians. This was the peak of the evil propaganda by President Buhari and his gang of mass murderers against their innocence victims that they slaughtered and dumped their dead bodies in mass graves at night.

Nigerians realized that all the evil campaigns of calumny and demonization against Shia Islam and Sheikh Zakzaky were monumental lies and groundless fabrications. Nigerians discovered that the Shiites are non-violent despite all the oppression and inhumanity directed against them by President Buhari and his gang of mass murderers. Nigerians saw a new form of Islam from the Shiites that is accommodative, tolerant, non-violent, progressive and modern. This version of Islam contrast sharply with the hate, intolerance and murderous terrorism of Wahhabism.

Then some of our Nigerian Christian brothers and sisters started reacting against the evil campaigns of calumny and demonization against Shia Islam and Sheikh Zakzaky. The following are the Tweets by a Nigerian Human Rights Activist, Dr. John Danfulani @john_danfulani, against anti-Shia campaigns of President Buhari’s government:

FACTS(1)Iran,Iraq,Syria & Lebanon are nations with Shiite leaders & majority population.In them there are blivers of other religions.

FACT(2)In Shiite nations you have Xtain churches,Jewish & Druse synagogues as well as parliamentarians & cabinet members.

FACTS(3)In Lebanon there is even a Xtain President.He is the only Xtain leader in the zone.And over 27% of Hezbollah fighters are Xtians.

FACT(4) In Iraq during the Baathist era,the Deputy Prime Minister is a Xtain.And there were other top ranking Xtians in the administration.

FACT(6)Today in Iran there are over 300 churches & many Jewish synagogues.They are living in peace & fully protected by the state.

(7)Shiism is worship of God with compassion to other human beings who aren’t Shiites or even moslems.They are peaceful & accommodating.

FACT(8)All enumerated from 1-7 can’t b found in wahhabist & salafists climes of Saudi Arabia,Qatar,Oman,Kuwait & UAE.Wahhabism is extremism.

FACT(9)All d wahhabist narratives & image denting of Shiism is bunkum balderdash.ISIS,Alqaida,Alshabab,B/Haram are all wahhabist groups.

I humbly added 4 Tweets to summarize and advice Nigerians on the evilness of bloodthirsty murderous Wahhabi terrorism that is killing innocent people in all parts of the world:

(Fact1) When the Wahhabi #ISIS threatened the Christians of Lebanon & Iraq, they were trained by #Hezbollah & #Iran provided all the needed weapons.

(Fact2) All the murderous terrorist groups killing the innocent in the name of Islam are inspired & are followers of the terrorism cult #Wahhabism.

(Fact3) In #Nigeria, Christians, Shias & non-Wahhabi Sunnis must unite to save Nigeria & Nigerians from the evilness of bloodthirsty #Wahhabism.

(Fact4) Killings of Christians in North, burning of Churches, hate mongering & the genocide of Shias by @MBuhari are manifestations of #Wahhabism.

On a final note, Nigerians should understand that the inhuman Zaria massacre of 1000+ innocent Nigerians was never a clash between the Nigerian army and Shiites. It was a brutal genocidal massacre of defenseless Nigerian civilians by the evil tyrant Buhari to serve an evil imperialist agenda that has the savage Saudi regime as a front.

Harun Elbinawi
[email protected]