Nigerian Soldiers Protest FGN Nonpayment Of Wages

Nigerian soldiers mutinied as General Aminu Mohammed kept sending them on missions designed to kill them


Nigerian soldiers are protesting the failure of the Federal Government to pay their complete wages.

The Jonathan-led government agreed to pay the soldiers, actively involved in battling Boko Haram terror in the northeast, the sum of N150,000 per month; however according to protesting officers, the government has failed in its promise and is only paying them N30,000 monthly. (That’s about $140 a month)

Lack of motivation due to poor ammunition and compensation including benefits for families has been blamed on the 6-year prolonged failed Nigerian military effort to contain Boko Haram.

In recent news reports, the Federal Government hired foreign Caucasian mercenaries from South Africa and the Soviet union to lead the war against Boko Haram due to a 6-week electioneering urgency. Nigeria’s president who was un-favored in the upcoming elections had decided to crush Boko Haram in 6-weeks in attempt to re-posture himself.

Foreign mercenaries spotted in Nigeria; img- FaceBook
Foreign mercenaries spotted in Nigeria; img- FaceBook

Foreign mercenaries have been seen leading military campaigns against the terrorists in the northeast and according to the Voice of America, all aerial missions and sorties are dropped strictly by the mercenaries. Nigeria’s government has denied that the mercenaries are engaged in combat.

The hundreds of foreign mercenaries are being compensated with $400+ per day.

While the revolting soldiers did not make mention of this, it is obvious that this news has further frustrated Nigeria’s soldiers.

Military sources said that in protest, “rank and file no longer take orders from officers.”

We have been unable to get a reaction from the Defense headquarters.