The North’s Problem that Cripples Naija, By Hassan Hassan

By Hassan Hassan,

This is most unlikely for those of us who may despise it. But it is the dictate of time that brings us to the crossroad. And we either talk like this or let every promise of life go, just die. I choose to say this now.
We – the youth – have let many things happen, we followed, obeyed and acted on the advice from our elders for long. But it seems out loyalty seems to get us nothing. And the unfolding events in the polity are pointing to many more problems than solution. This is the crossroad where we make it clear that we won’t continue to obey ‘elders’ to continue to mar our society in the making of Nigeria. This is because we know how long we have come through years of trouble orchestrated by the greed and whims of the cruel northern elite who abused us to enslave and want to keep us at that.

What do they want from us again. They have killed many of us silently with poverty and disease. They killed many of our innocents for reason. They killed our young generation and blurred your future at the local level. What again? How many do you need to kill more? Sweep us all off? What do they want. I can’t get answers. The hands of the evil in our mid are hidden. We can’t see them to ask.

This Government – I don’t care who owns it but I know it is the only opportunity we have to liberate the north and the nation from all woes to the mercy of the economic slaves. But glad it is headed by the north’s only exception in politics whose will, intents and qualities are intact and purposive.

But we know also that the agents of the perpetuation of northern poverty and enslavement are the ones giving the president headache, strangulating flow of activities, frustrating the process of change. They do that by their patron ship of many national institutions which should serve the people and general society. The media. Religious institutions, worship places and organisations. The academia. The Bench and the Bar. The NASS. Big business. Youth organisations and Students unions. Oil and Gas companies. The civil service. Politics. Political organisations. The poor ignorant common man. They have their agents and stooges who hold the hidden mantle to teleguide the activities of the above through unexpressed, hidden objectives. Some of the many ways they influence and manipulate the economy against the poor are just unimaginable.

They use democratic and constitutional principles to derail popular policies and projects. They will stop at nothing to do anything to ensure the four promise brings nothing. Next the will establish the failure of this Govt. and reclaim corrupt and inept rule, taking us many years back again. If not for Allah’s mercy for the kids, the sick and the innocent cripples, they may have gone too far. But Allah who gave the opportunity Will also Guard it. But that is also on the condition that the poor is innocent and free from any hate or evil towards anyone, not even the public enemy. We must try to deny them any advantage of excuse or reason they will use here or in the hereafter against popular interest so they can serve their terms of Allah’s wrath.

This is not a call to fight or incite anything/anyone. It is a call to action of knowledge. The elite – who are all over, near, us – some of our leaders in diffent places, our teachers, club/union/association executives, our pastors/imams, think we don’t know, we can’t do anything. We should tell them in words and in action that we do know. And we can see their actions and words that antagonise the process of change and support any campaign against it.

Let them know that we know that the fence sitting individuals/groups/organisations/institutions are the most evil, dangerous to all of us. This the most popular time we have a national govt. after elections there is no neutrality, no politics. The govt. is for all and all must push for it to work well for us all.
I have often called for advocacy which is a normal, legal way individuals and groups can advance a cause for all. I called for my base – media – to advocate. But not much commit due to the political economy and the hidden agendas. Even the corrupt in public media are not using govt. owned media to support it.
They use it only when personal interest prevails or else they use it against the owners of the piper, who, for humility in service and unity, cannot dictate the piper, let alone fuel the campaign for human rights, which perpetuates individualism against nationalism. Sad.

We should never forget and never ignore the facts in history and the currency of their symptoms. The Allah of Nigeria and Buhari Will protect the popular demand and keep safe PMB and his intents and wills for the majority that need him.

Writing this, I know the risk involved. The least is media blackout which I have enjoyed for some time and the friendship/ mentoring I have lost since my open declaration for the common interest started. But thanks to the new media. And if you lose everything for Allah’s pleasure and blessing, you have everything. Let them know this also. But then let them read this.

Hassan Hassan writes from Bauchi. He can be reached at [email protected]