VIDEO: I Was Not Joking, My Wife belongs In The Kitchen, Nigeria’s President Insists

by Samuel Ogundipe,

President Muhammadu Buhari has maintained that his wife, Aisha, wife belongs in the kitchen, saying she should stay out of politics.

The president held his ground when he was asked to clarify his earlier comments by German broadcaster, Deutsche Welle.

“I am sure you have a house. You know where your kitchen is. You know where your living room is. And I believe your wife looks after all that even if she’s working,” Mr. Buhari said when the interviewer, Phil Gayle, asked him to clarify his controversial comments.

The president’s comment counters the previous explanation by his media aide, Garba Shehu, who tried to play down the remarks.

Mr. Shehu had, hours after Mr. Buhari made the statement at a press briefing in Berlin, said the president was only joking.

“My friends, can’t a leader get a sense (of) humour anymore? Mr. President laughed before that statement was made,” Mr. Shehu said as the comments drew worldwide condemnation. “He was obviously throwing a banter.”

But when Mr. Gayle asked Mr. Buhari if “that is your wife’s function?”

The president answered: “Yes, to look after me”.

Mr. Buhari said “I think so” when asked if his wife should desist from talking about politics.

Mr. Buhari has been roundly criticised for his comments, which he made in response to his wife’s criticism of his cabinet composition.

Mrs.  Buhari threatened to withdraw her support for the president should he decide to run for reelection.

This is the second time Mr. Buhari will contradict his media assistants in recent months.

In April, when former British Prime Minister David Cameron said Nigeria was fantastically corrupt , Mr. Shehu pushed back against the comments on behalf of his principal, saying Mr. Buhari was embarrassed by it.

The next day, Mr. Buhari said in at least two different occasions that he agreed with Mr. Cameron that Nigeria was indeed a fantastically corrupt country.