Now Selling Our Airports To the Cabal: Has Buhari Run Out of Ideas?



There is perhaps no greater evidence of ineptitude of Nigerian administrators than their privatization hunger.

Better put as “cabalization” as I have long coined and fought bitterly against since the Obasanjo and Jonathan years, when governments tell you they cannot run these assets and have to sell them, what they are invariably admitting to you is that they cannot run the state. The question is: why don’t they first privatize Aso rock? No, that one they find hard. They will fight to remain there even if they are chronically ill and unable to sit in the office, and brag that they are gods and critics are haters and wailers, but when it comes to every instrument outside of their office, they tell you it cannot be run by government and has to be sold off to their coterie of party sponsor private cabal.

It is sickening to say the least.

The Buhari government jumped to try to privatize NLNG as soon as it entered office under request and encouragement of no other than vulture Dangote. It took serious protests from many of us for the government to listen to our more sensible suggestions of how to reposition the economy without selling all Obasanjo and Jonathan had not yet sold to the waiting reptiles.

Today, afraid of criticism from those of us who are fearless and have remained un-buyable, the government hides the word “privatized” when it announces the transfer of the remaining few state assets to its private partner friends, sponsors and coincidentally, members of its industrial advisory committees.

I just released a video ( in which I described and lamented the secret transfer of Edo fertilizer plant to Wacot industries by the Edo state government and FGN, coated so carefully the public could not notice. The deal with Wacot most evidently violated BPE regulations as there was no open public bidding and Edo state governor Obaseki simply called Wacot to take over the lucrative plant.

The latest is the announcement of the privatization of Nigeria’s Lagos and Abuja airport. To conceal this deal from the public, the Buhari government used the big word, “concession.” I had to pull out a Merriam Webster dictionary to figure that one out. “Concession” of course means to “concede,” or the “lose.” Buhari and Osinbajo and the FEC have agreed to sell our airports to their friends.

How about hiring a consultancy firm to manage the airports if the managers hired not by qualifications but by ethnic and family ties, have mismanaged them as is expected?

Are we Nigerians monkeys that we can only supposedly run Aso rock but not run anything else?

90 percent of all worldwide airports are owned and operated by state or public authorities but the Nigerian government as coached by chief cabal and foremost enemy of the state, former president Olusegun Obasanjo, will tell you that governments do not run things.

If you cannot run anything, you cannot run the privatization process itself nor can you run your office in Aso rock, and as such you should step down and step out and let others run things.

God save your children from this wickedness! It is not our portion to be eternal slaves to the cabal.

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