Nwole Precious’ Family Give Insight On How Their Daughter Was Tortured By Her Mistress At Abuja And Transported Down To Awka


Nwole Precious is a little girl of 7years(Seven years). She originated from Umudioka village Awka, in Awka South Local Government Area of Anambra State.She lived at Abuja with one,Mrs. Chinelo Ifezue,from Mbaukwu,of the aforesaid local government area of,Anambra State.On  6th August, 2016, Nwole Precious was allegedly transported to Awka, from Abuja, by her mistress, Mrs.Chinelo Ifezue. However, on arrival to Awka, Nwole Precious was allegedly picked up at the park by a relation to her mistress, who then took her to her family house, at Umudioka village,Awka.

Therefore, when Nwole Precious was sighted by her family persons on the aforementioned date, that her family persons were puzzled to have seen injuries surrounding their daughter’s head and eye with blood stains, thus, they rushed the little Precious to a hospital (name withheld),that is located in the village, hence, we decided to visit the said hospital.

Hence, at the time of filling this report, Nwole Precious is still hospitalized. We carefully looked at her, and we saw injuries on her head with heavy plaster and her  eyes swollen and reddish in colour,thus, we asked family persons why the head of the little was wrapped with a heavy plaster, the family said that, surgical operation was conducted on her head to fill up the opening vested on her head. Moverover, pictures of the injuries allegedly melted on little Precious by her madam were equally displayed.

Hear their words:

“Mrs. Chinelo Ifezue knows that, we cannot fight her, that is why she tortured our daughter at Abuja, moved her down to Awka and never shown any remorse for brutalizing our six years old girl’.

“Mrs. Chinelo Ifezue is just relaxing in her house at Abuja while we are in Awka languishing in pains over the inhuman acts she melted on our daughter and we do not have the resource to pursue our case against Mrs. Chinelo Ifezue. That Mrs. Chinelo alleged that our daugher has evil spirit,so she tortured her to chase the said spirit out of her. Mrs. Chinelo is currently at Abuja,so  I appeal to the members of the public and the government of Nigeria to ensure that  Mrs. Ifezue is brought to justice”, the parents to Nwole Precious cried out.

Thereafter, in telephone chats with Mrs. Chinelo Ifezue, the said the below

Listen to her side of the story:

“Nwole Precious was once my maid. She has demonic powers with which she used to torment my family. She nearly killed my son. That as I am talking to you, now, we are still at the hospital and I have never complained to anyone what, Nwole Precious did to me or how I spend on my son’s hospital bill. I have subsequently seen charms under her possession”.

But when asked why she did not take Nwole Precious to church for deliverance or return the small girl back home to her family since Nwole Precious is allegedly possessed with evil spirits, that Mrs. Chinelo Ifezue alleged that, she she had  tried to so but her plans return the little girl failed. And when asked to return home so as to address this problem, Mrs. Chinelo Ifezue alleged that, she is a nursing mother, but if we want her to return to East from Abuja, we should pay into her account, her transport fare from Abuja and back to Abuja. Mrs. Chinelo however, maintained that she never transported Precious to Awka without the help of someone. She said that Precious was moved down to by her husband’s relation, but her actions towards Nwole Precious were out of anger.

This is her speech, “I have proofs that Precious is possesed and I wouldn’t like to go into case with anyone,thus, i have forgiven Precious over what she did to I and my family. That my actions towards her were out of anger”.

But in a meeting with Mrs. Nwole and Family, they alleged that the Doctor said that, their daughter could develop brain problems, thus, they need justice,thus, they ask for Justice in this regard.