‘Over my dead body’: Jordan Peterson says he was fooled into COVID-19 vaccination, won’t happen again amid statist calls for more boosters

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In May 2021, Dr. Jordan Peterson announced that he would receive the COVID-19 vaccine due to insufficient antibody levels. The renowned psychologist admitted Thursday that he had been duped and has since stated that, despite demands from both the Biden administration and Canada’s Trudeau government, he will not be duped again.

What are the specifics?

In 2021, Peterson faced a significant backlash after tweeting, “Today I’m going to get vaccinated. Despite the fact that I had Covid in May, my antibody levels appeared insufficient to prevent re-infection. I’m hoping Ontario will open up soon.”

Despite having contracted COVID-19 in 2020, the psychologist’s immune system was likely weakened by his recent recovery from a severe case of pneumonia and the “incredibly grueling” drug detox treatment he received abroad for benzodiazepine reliance.

At the time of his admission, Indy100 noted that some of his online fans and followers expressed concern about his decision to get the COVID-19 vaccine and potential long-term health risks.

On Thursday, Peterson suggested “I got vaccinated because I naively assumed the woke force-mongers would leave me alone after that. Once was enough….”

The psychologist was responding to an Israeli artificial intelligence researcher Eli David’s tweet, which stated, “I received Covid shots in 2021 because I trusted the FDA and the claimed clinical trial results. However, after reviewing mountains of evidence, I no longer believe I made the correct decision. These shots are far more dangerous and ineffective than they are claimed to be.”

He emphasized that the vaccine was ineffective in this regard. When exercising his mobility rights to leave and return to his home country, the Trudeau government still required him to be tested for COVID-19.

In response to a notice from Canadian state media that the country’s chief public health officer, Theresa Tam, was once again pushing booster shots, Peterson tweeted on Saturday, “How about ‘over my dead body?'”

Tam and the Trudeau government have been pushing the bivalent booster shot on Canadians, many of whom have yet to receive it despite the fact that it became available last fall.

“It’s still too early to stop taking the personal protective measures that have helped us weather the COVID storm,” Tam said on Friday.

Similarly, the Biden administration is pushing boosters on the general public.

According to the Associated Press, the Food and Drug Administration has recently proposed giving COVID-19 boosters to adults and children once a year, every year. While 80% of Americans had at least one dose, only 16% wanted to get the most recent boosters.

Over the weekend, Allysia Finley of the Wall Street Journal noted in her column that “It should come as no surprise that the public health establishment has praised the bivalent shots. Federal agencies took the unprecedented step of ordering vaccine manufacturers to produce them and recommending them without supporting data.”

Finley appeared to justify people like Peterson’s growing reluctance, stating, “Three scientific issues have emerged. For starters, the virus evolves much faster than vaccines can be updated. Second, vaccines have hardwired our immune systems to respond to the original Wuhan strain, resulting in fewer antibodies neutralizing variants targeted by updated vaccines.”

“Third, antibodies fade quickly after a few months,” she adds.

Peterson’s late rejection of the booster regime follows his admission on December 19, “It’s even worse than I imagined. I put more faith in the vaccine process than I should have. I thought the lockdowns and masks were a bad idea, but I still believed in public health and science.”

Despite this evidently dwindling trust, Peterson expressed skepticism in 2021, stating that “Covid isn’t going anywhere. It will continue to mutate indefinitely, aided in some ways by the vaccines themselves. And when is it a ‘new variant’ enough to cause concern? What about when pharmaceutical company stocks fall?”

According to the Daily Mail, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla personally earned $50 million in compensation between 2021 and 2022, and Pfizer’s revenue has tripled to more than $100 billion since the pandemic began.

According to Newsweek, Moderna will profit $12.2 billion in 2021, primarily from vaccine production. The company had failed to turn a profit by 2021.

According to the earnings report issued in February 2022, the company’s “total revenue was $18.5 billion for the full year 2021, compared to $803 million in 2020.”

According to US News, Johnson & Johnson’s revenue has recently been hurt by falling COVID-19 vaccine sales.