The Paradigm Partners NigerianFM For 24Hours Live Radio Broadcast

The Management of The Paradigm published by Revamp Media and owners of NigerianFM , New York have entered a partnership for the popular Nigerian news website to broadcast the New York station’s radio on its website.

NigerianFM owned by popular multi-talented Nigerian Music Producer, Singer and 1st Vice Chairman of Performing Musicians Employers’ Association of Nigeria Emman Agu aka Alabama, runs a 24hours live radio in Queens, New York.

The Paradigm will broadcast the station to its numerous fans across the globe 24hours a day.

You are guaranteed lots of interesting shows, Breaking News, Celebrity Interviews and non-stop music.

Speaking on the agreement, the publisher of The Paradigm, Kikiowo Ileowo, said “the partnership became necessary to satisfy the entertainment needs of our teeming readers.”

“Bringing top quality entertainment to our esteemed readers while getting them informed on the daily happenings in Nigeria and around the world will help us achieve our goals and objectives,” a short statement from the publisher revealed.

“For those who do not want to listen, all they need do is click on the Stop button.”

“The application is easy to use, it also takes less-than-one-second-click on the play button to start listening to a live broadcast of the radio from all over the world.”

Also, the management of NigeriaFM said they were excited with the partnership as it aligns with their vision of giving web surfers all over the world a wonderful entertainment experience.

“We are happy to partner with a great Nigerian startup company and also bring rich entertainment content to our fans all over the world”.

“We broadcast on our radio 24 hours and also do live shows where fans get to call into the studio”.

The radio works on every device and loads quickly. Fans can also call into the studio to participate in live shows via 917-680 6000.