Is Paying Tithe Still Legal?, By Victor Terhemba

By Victor Terhemba,

The only time I’ve ever agreed with FEMI ARIBISALA was when he said Tithing in church is not compulsory. Accurately said.

Your pastor is either a scam or ignorant of the law of tithing if he makes paying tithe a law; if he says it’s Compulsory.

Don’t be blackmailed by the saying that you are robbing GOD when you don’t pay tithe. How can you possibly rob God? Isn’t that ridiculous? The God that is the author of whatever you have and what you may be expecting?

Tithes were meant to be paid to Levites and your pastor is not a Levite. So what does he need the tithe for? To live large and while you continue to wallow in poverty?

The law of tithe is that you must give 10% of everything that you acquire. I.e if you buy a shirt, u must give 10% of that shirt, etc.

How many of you can keep up with the law of tithe. In the new testament, Jesus abolished so many things including the law of tithe.

Paying tithe should be your personal commitment with GOD, not because you feel compelled to because your pastor says it’s a sin not to tithe. Giving to God should be out of love, i.e, you can give to God whatever you can afford as long out is out of love.

The Levites were the workers in d temple who assisted the priests. The tithes collected were to take care of the Levites. Here’s another scam:

If the tithes were to take care of the Levites (workers in church), how many of you church workers are being paid? The ushers, security, organists, etc. Just curious to know.

I remember as an alter server in St. Leo’s Catholic Church, we weren’t paid but we were taken care of every Sunday. It was a nice experience.

Tithes are not meant for your pastors’ pockets. Remember what Paul did in the new testament? That’s how it should be done.

The commandment Jesus gave in the new testament was that of Love. So when we want to give, we give out of love.

In the new testament we are not compelled to give a certain percentage of our earnings. We are free to give a part, a half or a whole of it.

While the pastors will tell us to emulate the humility of Jesus Christ, they don’t practice what they preach… they are bigger than life.

Jesus Christ lived a modest life, our priests today live a glamorous lifestyle. Some drawn in by the fame. Some live like celebrities.

In those days the things of Luxury were Ships, donkeys, gold and money. There’s no record in the Bible that Jesus owned any of these as opposed to our pastors today who own mansions, private jets, Rolls Royce, designer suits, etc. Where is the modesty they preach about?

In Mattew 21:12 Jesus sent out all those selling and doing business in the temple. What’s the situation in today’s churches?

Not only is buying and selling openly done in our churches today, our so called men of God own some of these businesses (that is topic for another day?).

Jesus as a Shepherd lived for his sheep (followers), he laid down his life for the sheep. But today we live for the pastors, we lay down our lives for the pastors, we sheepishly do and believe whatever they say.

You tool hard only to come to church and contribute for the pastor’s birthday, his wife’s birthday, his children birthdays and graduation, etc.

Instead of developing a true relationship with God, some of us even believe our pastors more than God and the Bible. What a tragedy!

Your so called ‘man of God’ may not be of God of after all. Don’t totally rely on what your pastor says, what does the Bible say?

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Victor Terhemba Is a talent manager, political analyst and social commentator from Lagos.

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