Why Should I Pity The Mass Murderer @MBuhari Of 1000s Innocent Nigerians? – @ElBinawi


Supporters of the dying Nigerian tyrant @MBuhari want Nigerians to pity him since he is sick & to stop calling for his impeachment by NASS.

Where were these people when Buhari called for the impeachment of the then sick President Yar’adua in 2010? Buhari did not pity Yar’adua.

When Buhari brutally murdered 1000s innocent Nigerians & wickedly dumped their dead bodies in mass graves, where were these people?

The history of Buhari’s two years in power is all about deep recession, brutal killings, inhuman massacres & mass graves by @MBuhari & gang.

Today President Buhari is brain dead & a useless vegetable at a time when the economy is in deep recession, why should he cling to power?

Those I pity are families of the 200+ pro-Biafra activists that President Buhari brutally murdered out of wickedness & evil in their youth.

Those I pity are the families of innocent Nigerians that President Buhari-sponsored murderous Herdsmen brutally slaughtered in various places.

Those I pity are families of the 1000+ innocent Shia civilians that Buhari brutally slaughtered in Zaria & dumped their bodies in mass graves.

Those I pity are millions of Nigerians who are suffering the effects of recession, massive unemployment & hunger due to Buhari’s policies.

Those I pity are the millions of Nigerians President @MBuhari deceived that he is “friend of the poor” while he is their biggest enemy.

I will never pity a bloodthirsty Wahhabi savage like President Buhari who love killing innocent Nigerians just like #BokoHaram terrorists.

Harun @Elbinawi