Plot To Enslave Nigerians, N/East: No Loans from World Bank Except Nigeria Accepts GMO and Hybrid Seeds – Bill Gates

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Blessed of the Lord: you must have heard about this. I have just gotten it from a friend who got it from his IT expert son. Looks like Hama’s plot against the Jews. Like Mordecai persuaded Esther to seek audience with the King which brought salvation for the Jews, can’t we get our National Assembly people to reject this planned extermination?

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No Loans from World Bank Except Nigeria Accepts GMO and Hybrid Seeds – Bill Gates

Vincente Julio Campos III

Africa Regional Director Agronomics ADP.

Geneva: Bill Gates emissary and co-chair person Melinda Gates visited Nigeria to subtly deliver the ultimatum: ‘Nigeria must accept the Monsanto genetically modified organisms (GMO) and Hybrid seeds offered to farmers in the World Bank FADAMA III Project’ or there would be no $30 billion World Bank loan’. Designed as the Woman and Child Empowerment Program, Nigerians would be force fed with toxic and sterilising GMO and Hybrid Crops from infancy, all through child school feeding ages to become infertile in adulthood. As conceptualised by Bill Gates, the program would be driven by Nigerian First Ladies at Federal, State and Local Government areas across the vast rural Nigeria. The delay in granting the $30 billion loan and asking for further reforms is the cover-up news banner. In reality, Melinda Gates is asking that the First Lady of Nigeria Mrs Aisha Buhari and all other First Ladies of States and Local governments organize the distribution of the GMO seeds to rural women. The program would be supported by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, World Bank and Africa Development Bank. International organisations such as the Oakland Institute in California have exposed the deception of World Bank and Bill Gates agenda as a means to capture the food security in Africa targeting Nigeria, as Africa’s  most populous nation

Dangote's mentor, Bill Gates calls Dambisa Moyo, author of "Dead Aid" a killer
Dangote’s mentor, Bill Gates calls Dambisa Moyo, author of “Dead Aid” a killer

Bill Gates would have total control of food security in Sub-Saharan Africa and at will could subject the entire region to total Slavery worse than in the pre-colonial era. Bill Gates would be empowered to dictate the polity, religion, culture and traditions that suites his personal preferences. You may choose to obey or hunger! Bill Gates  may enforce laws mandating same-sex marriage, abortion, euthanasia, gender equality, organ trafficking, and human egg pouching for embryonic stem cell research for his biotechnology companies The battle for independence of Black Africa fought with blood of the fallen heroes would be lost. The once populous country of Nigeria would be decimated within a decade as GMO and Hybrid seeds are used to sterilise both males and females serendipitously . GMO and Hybrid seeds are  now being distributed to Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in the Northeast ‘food basket’ region of Nigeria . After the first planting season the whole farms in the Northeast would be growing GMO and Hybrid seeds, and the natural seeds lost! The Boko Haram mercenaries targeted the once rich food-grower farming communities, kidnapping the Chibok Girls and driving the small farmers away to destroy their natural crops only to allow them come back to plant the ‘improved seedling’ which is the euphemism used in Africa for GMO and Hybrid seeds from Monsanto, Cargill, Bayer and Syngenta.

The Nigerian leaders are in total darkness with no clues about the terrible consequences of their partnership with Bill Gates, both for past and present , administrations  only the photo ops are important.  The entire budget of Nigeria would be spent on purchase of GMO and Hybrid seeds in the coming years! We could see in the next decade unprecedented human diseases and medical complications linked to genetic effects caused by GMO foods in Nigerians. Nigerians have become the human guinea pigs for the entire pharmaceutical industry to test out the effects of new drugs incorporated into foods to study side effects as is done in laboratory rats in the West . The extent of dehumanisation of the Nigerian people by ignorant leaders is incomprehensible. Western conglomerates and their investors are celebrating, smiling to the bank as Africa forfeits its natural foods for GMOs and Hybrids, the only source of strength of independence it once had is now gone! Some Western analysts commend Bill Gates for his mastery of deception and lies, while others reprimand Nigerian leaders and the Nigerian press  for corruption and ignorance that provided Bill Gates unfettered access to the food security of their country.

Bill Gates owns Monsanto that produces GMO crops and so-called Hybrids and uses GMOs and Hybrid crops as a means to depopulate Africa . Monsanto has inserted a contraceptive gene called Epicyte gene into maize, cassava, maize, yam, beans, rice, soya beans, cowpeas to cause sterility according to tests by Egyptian and Russian Scientists . The crops have been deceptively labelled high yield HYBRID crops even though they are transgenic (GMOs) to avert the laws banning use of GMO crops in most African countries. Nigeria by 2050 would have 10% of the world’s population with unprecedented opportunity to become the next China in industrial development! . The focus of Bill Gates and Monsanto in partnership with the so-called development partners (USAID, UN agencies) in Nigeria, is to depopulate Nigeria and stamp out the possibility of a ‘China’ in Black Africa. There is panic at the World Bank, in all Western capitals and UN agencies that Nigeria’s population (2015) at 200 persons per sq Km  maybe on an unstoppable march to industrial development threshold of 300 persons per sq km, which India attained and spiralled into industrial growth. All multilateral agencies (World Bank, International Monetary Fund, UNFPA, EU, WFP, WHO, AfDB) and international aid agencies (USAID, CIDA, DFID, NORAD, GTZ and others) agreed on Agenda 21 at the United Nations to depopulate Africa. Listen to a detailed lecture on United Nationals AGENDA 21  . The UN AGENDA 21 which proposes a One World Government with Bill Gates and Warren Buffet at the peak and a token number of Africans at the bottom of the pyramid is being realised now. Some prominent Nigerians have been co-opted into the UN AGENDA 21 to help sterilise their own people, so ultimately there would be very few Nigerians in the future. These billionaires and prominent men and women from Nigeria actively work with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation through various NGOs, Foundations, federal and state governments.

Military pressure is mounted on the once prosperous and peaceful country of Nigeria, sabotaged by her prominent sons and daughters.  Bill Gates and Monsanto are funding the mercenaries called Boko Haram and Fulani Herdsmen’s to clear small farmers in Nigeria and destroy all their natural seeds first in Northern and now in Southern Nigeria. Bill Gates operates a private army called Blackwater who acts as sponsors and technical advisers to Boko Haram. Some of these advisers have been caught helping Boko Haram in the Sambisa forest . Boko Haram and the Fulani Herdsmen are to destroy the natural crops. These would be replaced by so-called ‘improved seedlings’ which are GMO and Hybrid seeds from Monsanto and Cargill. After the first increased ‘yield’, subsequent yields will be only one-third of the first, unless the farmer buys new seeds. The cassava (stems/seeds), rice, yam, potatoes, beans, soya beans, millet, corn would only be supplied by distributors of Monsanto, Cargill, Bayer, Syngenta and their local seed distributors at high prices that are above what the small farmer can afford to be profitable. The farmers would prefer to sell off their farms to large Western Conglomerates and get off the land, and here goes indigenous food production.

The secret plan for depopulation of Nigeria was articulated by Bill Gates. In an interview with CNN, Bill Gates reveals how vaccines could be used as a means of depopulation (please listen to the video yourself at  ), and GMO crops  At a TED lecture on the strategies for depopulation  he gave a holistic approach. Specific plans were developed for depopulation of Nigeria, first focusing on the Muslim North.   Outdated oral Polio and Meningitis vaccines which cause paralysis in children are being used . Polio vaccine induced cases of paralysis are number one cause of acute flaccid paralysis in Nigeria as well as in India . Some experts suspect that, there is foul play in the said suspected cases of recurrent  polio infections in Nigeria, and may have been engineered to renew relevance of the Bill and Melinda Foundation in Nigeria .

The government of Nigeria from the past administration to present is proving incapable of fighting the menace caused by Bill Gates but rather seems to be working along with the plan. The alliance of the National Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) and Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) could be the most formidable opposition to the invading forces of Bill Gates and Monsanto. Pre-emptive actions to thwart any solidarity of NSCIA and CAN has been launched by the Bill Gates strategists and their local collaborators who used their mercenaries called Boko Haram and Fulani Herdsmen to kill Christians in Southern Kaduna ,     an area under the jurisdiction of Governor Nasir El-Rufai, a long-term protégé of Bill Gates. Melinda Gates paid tribute to Governor El-Rufai for a job well done

El-Rufai with Melinda Gates
El-Rufai with Melinda Gates

Both strong religious groups distrusting each other may never get together to speak with one voice in the fight against Boko Haram and Fulani Herdsmen and in opposition to imposition of GMO and Hybrid crops. The ‘Fulani Herdsmen’ is a deceptive name used for the mercenaries of Boko Haram funded by Bill Gates, who are given livestock bought from farmers in Mali and Chad  through a World Bank Program sponsored by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to enable them travel and infiltrate Southern Nigeria to destroy natural crops especially cassava   and cause communal violence  .  These so-called Fulani Herdsmen are not real Muslims, neither are they Fulani by ethnicity, most are foreign terrorists as the head Muslim Cleric declared . What could save Nigeria is for CAN and NSCIA to get together and declare that no Nigerian farmers should take the GMO or Hybrid seeds being distributed under FADAMA III and elsewhere. Both CAN and NSCIA must push for a total ban of GMO and HYBRID crops in Nigeria. Once the ban is truly implemented, international investors in biotechnology companies that produce GMO crops would pull out support of Monsanto shares and the entire project could fail.  Moreover, the Boko Haram conflict would truly end because there would be nothing to gain for Bill Gates and Monsanto in market monopoly for the GMO  and Hybrid crops. President Trump in the White House is a major plus. Bill Gates would no longer use USAID as the mean aid organization for distributing GMOs in Africa. Bill Gates would still control for sometime the World Bank through its President Jim Yong Kim, and African Development Bank through its President Akinwumi Adesina, both his appointees.

Minister of Agriculture Akinwumi Adesina with Bill Gates
Minister of Agriculture Akinwumi Adesina with Bill Gates

Christians and Muslims must give the Nigerian government an ultimatum to suspend distribution of all GMO and Hybrid seeds among farmers in Nigeria and move towards a total GMO and Hybrid crops ban. The Finance Minister should be urged to source funds from alternative sources of loans outside the World Bank. Sources could include the China-Africa partnership and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) . The emphasis on cheap loan rates is misplaced because the political and economic costs could be very high and devastating for Nigeria. The time to Save Nigeria is now!

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