Police Who Robbed Jonathan Promptly Sacked While IDP Grasscutter Babachir Lawal Yet Unpunished


The disparity in application of justice and rendering of governance in Nigeria appears to have no limits.

Justice was immediately meted out on four police officers implicated in the stripping of the house of Nigeria’s former president, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan in Abuja. Goodluck Jonathan is not deemed to be pure himself; he is accused of robbing the nation of billions of dollars, however the Buhari administration granted him full recourse of the law with speedy administration of justice…apparently because he is a cabal.

But when it related to the robbing of millions of dollars from the millions of affected ordinary masses in the northeast which SGF Babachir Lawal has been accused of, the Buhari government has since found it impossible to mete out justice to this “important person.”

In Nigeria there are two sets of laws; one for the affluent and one for the ordinary.

Paradoxically, while Jonathan is accused of robbing millions of Nigerians he gets the better treatment. But the Borno victims, robbed by the Jonathan administration, already dying from starvation who got robbed again allegedly by Buhari’s secretary general get no respite. Babachir Lawal has not been arrested or fired a full seven months after he was exposed to the senate.

To think of it, these were police officers, poorly paid, sacrificing their lives in one of the worst employment conditions in the world, yet they got the full hammer of the law. Compare that to the SGF who earned his appointment by cronyism and not experience or merit. Contrasting the two events is like comparing night and day.

A Muslim hadith by Bukhari (Vol 4, no 681) says that towns are destroyed when the law is favorably applied for the rich who are forgiven, while harshly applied to the poor. In the hadith the prophet of Islam is reported to have said he would cut his own daughter’s hand if she stole. The Bible also says in Proverbs 29:7 that “the righteous care about justice for the poor, but the wicked have no such concern.”

But in Nigeria it appears no one fears God or His wrath. Little wonder the nation always takes a step forwards and ten backwards. The wickedness of our leaders and our election, tolerance and support of them has evidently earned us God’s wrath.

In my recent article, I lamented the way out of about all 10 posts on spokesman Garba Shehu’s page over the last month period, while half contained messages from Buhari condoling the families and governors, and commiserating over the losses of various elite lives, including from the most recent, Aregbesola’s, Sokoto government over Wamakko, Biso Akande and Kano government over Maitama Sule, there was not a single mention byBuhari of the recent Boko Haram attack in Borno talk less a show of empathy and condolence over the loss of dozens of lives of the soldiers, civilian-JTF, University staff and others killed in the horrendous attacks. These were nobodies.

It is almost occult, the open and limitless loyalty the elite have for each other and the disdain and disregard they have for the masses. May God deliver Nigeria from the cabal.

For Nigeria to grow, the #CabalMustGo!

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