President Buhari Confused About Niger Delta Avengers…”They Use Advanced Tech”

President Buhari has said that he “honestly don’t know how many factions the militants are in the Niger Delta compared to the north-east where you have the Boko Haram,”. The president then appealed to the leaders of All Progressive Congress, (APC) to help calm the militants in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.

He said this while addressing the leadership of APC at the presidential villa, Abuja on Friday, 24th June 2016. He also said that; “those of you who have friends among the leadership or even the militants themselves should plead with them in the name of God ‎Almighty to take it easy.

The president said the activities of the militants is impeding development. “The technology being deployed by the militants to destroy oil installations is high-tech, the way they can go on the high sea and international waters and target oil installations is a national problem. It is affecting development.” He said

“I honestly don’t know how many factions the militants are in the Niger Delta compared to the northeast where you have the Boko Haram” Takfiri terrorist group, Buhari said, appealing to the leaders of his party to help calm the restive region.

He lamented that; “No insurance company will want to insure installations that will end up being blown up, and no banks will want to finance such installations.”

However, he expressed delight at the success of Edo state election and promised to pay attention during electioneering. “The successful conduct of APC primaries in Edo state gave me a new hope. We are going to watch Ondo very closely; we have to ensure that the vote of the people count,” he said.