Our President Is A Thief; His Cabinet Are Thieves, The Government, All Thieves

Mar. 27, 2014


No, forget those fancy words, “corruption” and all that. It is those words that are delaying our brains in understanding what is taking place and preventing us from crying if we cannot get them out of there and line them up in front of a squad with very poor aim—who will miss their target for a tortuous bit. We have thieves in power, plain and simple. “ole” in Yoruba. “barawo” in Hausa. “àgàfù” in Igbo.

How did we get here? All we read every day is theft; robbery of the first degree. Governor Akpabio stealing our millions by siphoning this through the airline company of Kola Aluko, that international thief and launderer for Jonathan and Diezani. Our missing petroleum billions of dollars, case wide open. Berne declaration report on more billions of dollars being stolen. Fuel subsidy stealing, kerosene subsidy stealing.

They have stolen so much they do not know what to do any more. They have given us this artificial fuel scarcity to pave paths to steal even more. They want to remove the petrol subsidy to punish us, not the kerosene subsidy we are telling them to remove already, no; it is the petrol subsidy they are after, the bunch of thieves. It is all about stealing, every day, stealing. They steal millions of dollars every hour, neigh, every minute. They are back to sell our refineries again because they need to steal more. Refurbish it for trillions and sell it for billions so they can pocket trillions as they did with PHCN: refurbished for 3 trillion and sold for 400 billion. No power supplied, but they are collecting monthly payments from the poor; thieves! Mere thieves. They must have grown up in derelict and lacking families because they have obviously never seen money before.

Stealing from Almajiri—building their so-called schools at 20 times the cost; stealing from unemployed youth…and killing them in the process.

Oh my gosh! What is this! I was young and in school when Babangida and Abacha were stealing their own, and they used guns so I cannot blame myself too much for allowing them steal like that…it was my father they chanced then, but these nonentities in caftan’s and cowboy caps and head ties, stealing and stealing from us every blessed day, na curse?

100 million Nigerians living under a dollar a day and some miscreants who stole our revolution which we used to eject Babangida and our prayers which helped us seize Abacha’s soul, are just sitting there governing by stealing or is it stealing by governing? Words cannot describe this. Where did these demons drop from? Is it a plague? Are they human beings at all? No surprise the thieves give awards to thief Abacha.

Why will Obama ever visit Nigeria? Not that it is that special, but the guy will not touch this nation with a cursed regime and impotent citizens with a garden fork. No surprise the 12 northern governors were directly invited to the US to discuss the terror situation in the north and the “president” was shenked. Washington is not that stupid to invite this hopeless thief who lacks the credibility to lead even a nursery school and has demonstrated clearly that he lacks the commitment, mental capacity and cannot hold enough span of attention to barely face the ridiculous threats that have decimated over 16,000 lives across the land since he resumed office.

Dear Lord, we apologize for offending you. Please forgive us; we cannot take this punishment any longer. What have we done, and how do we atone for our sins? We repent for ever using nice white-man words like “corrupt,” “embezzle,” “mismanage” and the rest for this bunch of thieves in government and their cabal friend thieves out of it.

President-Goodluck-Jonathan1-360x225Lawrence Anini was corrupt; he was not a robber or a thief. No. He did not deserve the firing squad. We are sorry for having him shot to death. We have learned our lesson; we should have given him national honors. Lawrence looks at these and shakes his head in disbelief. He killed 100 times less and stole a billion times less too.

Lord, we have turned the criteria on its head. We are sorry for all the armed robbers we caught and for all the petty thieves we have in jail. These are honorable men. There is no explanation for those who just “corrupt” from our pockets a few thousands of naira to be in jail when these REAL THIEVES are in government; none, whatsoever.

It is not a government; it is a den of thieves. This government are all thieves. We will now call them so and we will gather the stones today that someday soon we will rain them upon their rotten heads. Thieves!!!!! Murderous thieves! Bunch of thieves.

Where is my biro? Yey! Did someone let the government in?

Dr. Peregrino Brimah
http://ENDS.ng [Every Nigerian Do Something]
Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian