Privatization Of Airports Next: The Jonathan Privatization Legacy


You heard it: they eagerly wish to privatize the airports next. The Jonathan administration has a single legacy to its name: privatization. Inherited from the Obasanjo administration, the current president’s god father, the Nigerian government is in a hurry to sell every national asset sellable to its friends. Despite all past sales of national assets having no record of success and easing the problems, but having rather ended up in greater levies for the people for the same poor service, the government unabashedly forges ahead proposing more and more privatizations to ensure that Nigeria is completely sold to the Cabal before their day is up.

The privatization of NEPA/PHCN has resulted in customers paying more for no power. The Nigerian people via the government have been forced to bailout the private sector Cabal billionaires who bought the PHCN with government subsidies and billions in government cash that has been donated to bailout the private PHCN. [See: FG announces N213bn bailout facility for power sector – BusinessDayOnline] In contrast, small business owners in Nigeria do not get these government handouts to help them float. And these bailouts are in addition to the ridiculously cheap amounts these national assets are “dashed” to the Cabal; the Transcorp boys like Tony Elumelu who right after the PHCN privatization was publicized for having made some quick billions over night. Why? Well simply because shares in Transcorp quadrupled the minute investors saw that PHCN had been refurbished for N3 trillion dollars and gifted to Transcorp and co for a paltry N404 billion. That is direct transfer of public funds to private Cabal friends. [Read: Nigerian Mogul Tony Elumelu Makes $123 Million In 3 Weeks – Forbes] I wrote about the PHCN privatization here: []

The Nigerian masses were forced to literally dash Elumelu and co N2.6 trillion in the privatization sham earlier this year. Our money is being poured into their pockets everyday as we wallow in horrible poverty and are denied prosperity, dignity and hope.

The ban on car importation to enable private Cabal companies reek profits from foreign partnered car assembly plants in Nigeria has led to – as we predicted – the skyrocketing of car prices in Nigeria, now out of the reach of the common man. And with no public transport system first put in place to protect the middle class and 100 million desolate Nigerians living under a dollar-a-day according to latest counts by the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics; people will be forced to walk, and the few fortunate proletariat will be dragged into taking high interest Usury/Riba loans from Cabal run banks to finance cars from the few, exorbitantly priced selections assembled locally.

Our greedy oil minister, Diezani Alison-Madueke who continues to illegally steal $4million every day from poor wives and all kitchens across the nation, in the kerosene subsidy scam process, intended to privatize the nation’s Oil refineries earlier this year; but thanks to our protests, that was obstructed. She had planned to sell it to her cronies, the usual suspects who stand accused of working with and for the oil minister and President of Nigeria in the diversion and robbery of the missing $20 billion (for just 18 months factored of the total 5 years… total “unaccounted” for, estimated at over $127 billion). Jide Omokore and Kola Aluko are implicated in an “unaccounted for” 6 billion dollars. [See:] It can be recalled that Obasanjo likewise hurriedly sold the refineries to his Cabal cronies in addition to all else he had transferred to them; it was late President Yar’Adua that overturned these sales under praise of the Oil sector, and repossessed our property. He died/was killed by food poisoning as some allege shortly after as he directed the BPE to go for the repossession of Abuja Nicon Hilton (gifted to Transcorp) next and all other coveted national assets (he also directed the EFCC to go after his predecessor, Obasanjo). [See: Yar’Adua Was Poisoned By Obasanjo’s Kitchen Staff — Professor Ukandi G. Damachi, USA Cables – NewsRescue]

Yet despite the massive direct looting of public funds by these government officials and their cabal cronies, they also wish to loot and subvert all public assets before their tenure is up. 16 years of this democracy has robbed Nigerians of billions of dollars and billions more in public assets. The Nigerian masses are being turned into end-time scenario slaves in their country. Even roads are not spared as they are being privatized. Our food is not spared either as the so-called Green-revolution being promoted earnestly by the Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Adesina Akinwumi is rendering our farmers dependent of GMO big corp. seeds that are destructive to the land on the long term and force farmers to a state of chronic suicidal dependence on big farm and Big Corp. banks for patented seeds every season (You cannot replant most GMO seeds from old harvest season stock by design and by law).

It can be recalled that Haitian farmers in 2010, after the earthquake, burned donated Monsanto seeds due to their experience with the dangers this Big corp. business posed. [See:]

What has been experienced thus far in terms of the Obasanjo-Jonathan privatization mania is just a tip of the Iceberg. Once Jonathan wins in 2015 and enters his next four years (third term, totaling 12 years in Aso rock), there will be full swing privatization of everything in Nigeria; water, food, airports, roads, even air.

Did we not learn anything from the similar event in US history – the Robber Baron period associated with the 1934 Great depression; and are we not learning anything from the crash of capitalism experience in the Western world where after giving too much power to the Cabal, the global recession hit and the government had to start taking over and controlling all industries?

Selling a people to a handful of Cabal, apart from being evil, is suicidal and simply not sustainable.

What is peculiar is that if indeed the government knows that it cannot handle the operation of national assets, due to its incompetence; does such an incompetent government have the credibility to conduct privatization exercises? And why does the government not first privatize itself?

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian