Radio Biafra Is A Death Cult: The World Will See Much Evil From It

Nnamdi Kanu with suspected Radio Biafra terrorists


I cannot mince words. The world should be very afraid of Radio Biafra. Nnamdi Kano, real name, Nwannekaenyi Kenny Okwu-Kanu is a demon. Demons are known for their oratorship. Sweet tongues of the devil. With those tongues of serpents, they brain wash the weak and manipulate them to perpetrate the work of the devil. Radio Biafra does not work for the benefit of Igbos or actualization of any Biafra. Nnamdi Kanu, a psychopath, stole IPOB from the Council of Elders, led by Justice Eze Ozubu and stole the radio station which they directed him to set up on their behalf too to fulfill his demonic agenda. This theft along with him stealing the funds they gave him is why MASSOB kidnapped him, stripped him naked and spat and peed on him.

Have you ever listened to Radio Biafra? I advise you to resist and desist. You will hear evil stuff that is unholy for your soul. Nnamdi Kanu teaches his disciples like he is a prophet. He tells them Biafra is the “last miracle,” and that after Biafra, the world will cease to exist. What the freak!!??? What is scary about this is that his followers believe. They repeat it as he said it. I do not understand how the UK government allows the company to remain registered and operational despite the open calls for terror and to murder broadcast, including open recruitment of manufacturers of weapons of mass destruction.

He talks of triangles, that “all things happen in triangles,” like he did when he was fighting for the PDP and against APC taking over southern states, as you might have heard him say when he was soliciting guns and bullets at the Igbo World Congress meeting in Los Angeles this September.

Radio Biafra gun suppliers arrested with weapons
Radio Biafra gun suppliers arrested with weapons

I am sure you have heard, “give me Biafra or let me die.” What is that? This is Jim Jones type of talk. Nnamdi Kanu has taught his disciples to be suicidal. He can command them to carry out suicide bombings or even suicide for nothing and they will march to their deaths like zombies.

What made this most dangerous for our world is that the wicked, clueless Jonathan regime did nothing to check Nnamdi Kanu’s growth and successful use of his pirate radio to propagate his demonic gospel to vulnerable thousands of youth across the world and in Nigeria; whereas, Jonathan should have blocked his broadcasts to Nigeria and called on the United Kingdom to arrest him for open treason, propagation of terror and incitement, Jonathan supported him and fed him while likewise propagating an extreme agenda of hate. Nnamdi Kanu grew and became worse than Mohammed Yusuf, Osama bin Laden and Abu Baghdadi combined. None of them had such a public media platform to indoctrinate and recruit fanatic terrorists across the world as he did. His disciples tell you, “don’t waste your time, Kanu has already fully radicalized us.” You will notice they are extremely vile and violent and quick to curse and promise death. These are signs of possession by the devil.

He selected which names God can be referred by; he chose Chukwu Abiama and Yashua, and all callers-in only use these two names. Whatever he preaches they follow. While he insults Christianity, he, as Hitler, knowing fully well that to galvanize world sympathy and local fellowship and better achieve his goals, he uses same Christianity to promote Biafra as a to-be Christian country; however his other words speak of a very eerie version of faith far from Christianity.

Nnamdi Kanu always makes reference to Boko Haram, a similar death cult as his inspiration. He defends Mohammed Yusuf, that he was only provoked by the government. I spent the past 2 years of my life fighting Boko Haram; I know a death cult when I see one. Radio Biafra is ten times worse than Boko Haram. The only thing that has saved us thus far is God who has overridden Kanu’s murder commands, thanks to the piety and morality of most of his Igbo listeners. Otherwise he would have long been drinking the blood he thirsts for.

Biafra is just a suitable rally point for this megalomaniac. He is using the disenfranchised and gullible Igbo followers to satisfy Lucifer. Some who have noticed have made Youtube videos and called him 666 since as far back as July this year.

Nnamdi Kanu’s station preaches hate like never seen before in the world. Kanu openly promotes for all  converts to Islam to be killed in the South east, listing names of some including a chief and telling his followers to kill him. Thankfully the innate morality in them and the merciful God was able to stop them from obeying his commands at the time. Listen to one of his followers promise Kanu he will kill any random Hausa man. Kanu wanted the blood. Perhaps the guy killed someone. And we can imagine how many other times Kanu has gotten such blood. But today he wants much more.

He openly stated that in his Biafra all worship will be banned on any day other than Saturday; that whoever worships on another day will be expelled…and his followers bow to this.  He calls black men evil and satan. He says Lucifer is a black man and that if he was a white man he would have killed all black African. And his followers hear this and follow him to their death.

He yabs the Ijaw as brainwashed, yet believes he has a right to reign over them; and surprisingly so do his disciples, drawing up a map of chosen territories and maintaining that all those within must and will be in their Biafra. Lord help them if they ever are.

He spins lies about any obstacle in his path to create a kingdom for Satan on earth, like Buhari, Okorocha and the APC party in general and once he throws out the lie, you see his disciples like blind sheep, propagating it as though they are devoid of brains. His retarded claims of Buhari being a pedophile is a typical example. The scary thing is how his disciples are like zombies; clearly being possessed by the devil. Once the station commands them to tweet, they tweet at anyone including foreign government officials across the world, not ashamed to make a nuisance of themselves in blind obeisance to his occult orders and his pestiferous mind.

Do you know he reads the Bible he does not believe and quotes verses from within which he claims are talking about his role and Biafra?

He has taught his followers that “Biafra” is a religion and they repeat it and bow to it. Once the radio station announces a death wish on any one of us, the members start running around looking for addresses and planning to kill the people the cult has declared on its hit list.

He lied to his followers that they originated from a Biafra and they swallow it hook line and sinker in spite of the country Portugal named Biafra being limited to Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon and no ancestral history ever relayed or old map showing Biafra in Nigeria, with the name being adopted by Ojukwu only because a certain Ijaw Frank Opigo suggested; but his followers will receive any gospel he submits. There are potentially as many as 50,000 to half a million Radio Biafran cultists on the planet. This is unprecedented. The danger to humanity cannot be over emphasized

Satan whispered to him to go to Lagos and arrange his arrest to fulfill the agenda; and so he went. Nnamdi Kanu never made as little as a hashtag seeking a referendum. He never followed civil ways; his way was the way of Lucifer. He plotted war, he bought guns, he wants blood. He drank the blood Boko Haram, his partners spilled and now he wanted to shed his own.

People think they are protesting for Biafra, but these people never protested when they were suffering and had real reason to protest. They are not protesting for Biafra, but for Nnamdi Kanu and for Nnamdi Kanu to have his kingdom for his master, Lucifer.

When you remember or read the story of Jim Jones and the Guyana tragedy, you will understand who Nwannekaenyi Kenny Okwu-Kanu is and where he is headed with thousands of our poor brethren.

May God save us from the Devil.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian