Reminiscent of Chibok Abduction, Boko Haram Video Forces Osinbajo’s Late Response To Women’s Abduction

Former president Jonathan dancing after Chibok girl abduction


After the Federal government of Nigeria insensitively tactically denied the abduction of several women from a police convoy in Borno state in reminiscence of the Goodluck Jonathan denial of the Chibok girl abduction, the release of a video by the terrorists has forced the Federal government of Nigeria to comment on the event.

Acting president of Nigeria, Pastor Yemi Osinbajo, one month after the abduction has finally acknowledged the atrocity and condemned the terrorists for it in a statement by spokesman Laolu Akande.

Caling it “atrocious and cowardly”, Pastor Osinbajo “directed Nigeria’s military and intelligence agencies to take all necessary steps to rescue the abducted women, as well as ensure better security in and around Borno State.”

The abduction however happened on June 20. Since then, in spite of newspaper reports, the Buhari-Osinbajo government refused to acknowledge the abduction.

Complaining about the behavior of the Nigerian government, one of the abducted ladies said, “We are grateful to you,” referring to Boko Haram, “but the Government of Nigeria should not say we were not abducted, indeed we were abducted.”

It is quite inhumane for the Nigerian government to keep hiding abductions with a primitive view that this in any way discredits them. When human beings are abducted, the government has an obligation to recruit all resource including community-based to fight for their release promptly.

Tucking away our heads on the sand as the Jonathan government was bitterly accused of is callous and reckless.

Terrorists should not be the reliable source of news and updates while the government is looked at as a nidus of lies and “Fake News.”

As earlier, we reiterate our advice for the Nigerian government to act right when the masses are abducted as they do when eminent personalities are abducted.

Quoting our earlier article:

“We hereby demand the Nigerian military reconsider its strategy of silence and dishonest information propagation and institutes a new attitude of respect for the sanctity of life by releasing lists of names of brave Nigerians and martyrs killed in all Boko Haram attacks, whether civilian or military. Our lives are more than numbers, worse still when the numbers are deflated in a only-seen-in-Nigeria fake news military disinformation campaign.” []

We remind the government to act up in the case of the Lagos Epe children abduction case already at the two month mark.

All lives matter not only the lives of the cabal and their wards.

The Cabal Must Go!

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