Report details CIA’s alleged color revolution efforts

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According to a research by two Chinese cybersecurity firms, the CIA has been attempting to create “color revolutions” around the world for decades, employing a large arsenal of electronic methods in its endeavors.

The document, which was created by China’s National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center and cybersecurity firm 360, was released on Thursday by the Global Times. It claims that Washington’s technological advantage has given it control over organizations and individuals all over the world who utilize US-made digital equipment or software.

According to the research, the CIA attempted to overturn governments in at least 50 states, with the most noteworthy examples being the 2014 Maidan coup in Ukraine, the 2014 ‘Sunflower Revolution’ in Taiwan, and the 2009 ‘Green Revolution’ in Iran.

According to the report, America’s technology advantage provided Washington with unparalleled opportunities to carry out its regime change objectives in numerous cases. It goes on to say that the CIA employs “48 advanced cyber weapons.”

The cyber tools are claimed to include encrypted network communication services, such as the US-developed TOR system, to let demonstrators stay in touch while avoiding government surveillance.

Another approach is to provide on-site command tools for large-scale protests that leverage wireless communications. According to the report, the RAND Corporation, a US-based military think tank, has devised a digital tool called’swarming,’ which activists use to quickly converge in one spot.

Protesters are also claimed to rely on ‘Riot,’ a piece of software developed in the United States that gives them with a secure and independent internet connection that is not based on traditional access ways.

Meanwhile, the US State Department has invested more than $30 million in a so-called ‘anti-censorship’ system, according to the report.

The Global Times said in March of last year, citing information from Chinese cybersecurity firm 360, that the US National Security Agency (NSA) was behind cyberattacks on 47 countries. While the Chinese government, research institutions, and financial institutions were said to be the primary targets, the NSA was also said to have conducted operations against allies such as the United Kingdom and Germany.