RETARDED: Chibok Girls Still Alive Because Shekau Did Not Show Us Their Dead bodies – Jonathan

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Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan has just possibly made the world’s most stupid list by his recent statement on the state of the over 300 days abducted 200+ Chibok girls.

Speaking on the AIT TV network Thursday, Jonathan said: “Because they may use them as shields so we are working with the global best practices. We can’t just move in with artillery and clear the place. The good story is that they’ve not been killed. They are still alive because when terrorists kill they display.”

Nigerians in reactions on twitter have described the president as deluded and said that Jonathan “must have been introduced to Femi Fani-Kayode’s drugs,” to have composed and disseminated such ridiculous proposition.


Experts are confident and have revealed that many of the girls are dead from injuries and animal bites, others have been sold in the Chad-slave trade, some have been married and died in domestic violence and rape, while others have been used as suicide bombers. Only few of the girls are still alive and held in recoverable locations.

President Jonathan has been warned to stop using Boko Haram and the terror situation in Nigeria’s north for political gains.

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