Russian missiles land in Poland killing 2 people

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Russian missiles on Tuesday, November 15 landed in NATO member country Poland, killing two people, a serious security situation that can trigger ”Article 5” of NATO which says an attack on one member country is an attack on all.

Article 5 of NATO’s charter obliges countries to come to the defense of a fellow NATO member if attacked.

The two victims died on Tuesday afternoon when a projectile struck an area where grain was drying in the Polish village of Przewodow, according to Polish media.

The region is near the border with Ukraine, which has faced missile attacks ever since Vladimir Putin sent troops to invade in late February.

Polish government spokesman Piotr Mueller acknowledged top leaders are holding an emergency meeting due to a ‘crisis situation’ with reports from Poland claiming that the Polish Armed Forces are on ‘high alert’ and have summoned two fighter jets to the area from the airport in Tomaszów Lubelski.

NATO member countries have provided Ukraine with weapons to fight Russia but the military alliance has stopped short of sending troops in as Ukraine is not a member of NATO.

The report comes after Vladimir Putin unleashed a bombardment of over 100 missiles on Ukrainian cities on Tuesday.

Russia had launched 110 missiles and 10 Iranian-made attack drones into Ukraine by early evening, Ukraine’s armed forces General Staff said in a statement.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said the main target of the missile flurry was energy infrastructure, as before.

“It’s clear what the enemy wants. He will not achieve this,” he said in a video address on the Telegram messaging app. Kyiv has said such strikes only stiffen its resolve to repel Russian forces that invaded in February.