Saraki’s Recall: We Are Not Party-Based, Group Tells APC Chairman


The attention of Kwara Must Change has been drawn to a news item
featured on national newspapers, in which the All Progressive Congress
(APC) Chairman in Ilorin West Local Government Area, Alhaji Suleiman
Bala said our organization is not known to the party.

We thank the party chairman for further confirming that Kwara Must
Change is not a group that seeks undue attention from politicians and
political parties.

Ours is a politically conscious organization, that is made up of
citizens from various political parties and none parties alike and our
ongoing effort to recall Dr Bukola Saraki is simply to exercise our
right to hire and fire a non performing employee (lawmaker) and in
this case, the Senate President.

For the purpose of clarity, Kwara Must Change has been existing even
before the formation of APC and our membership is made up of young and
old people from across Kwara State, but more dominantly from Ilorin,
since this is the birth place of the organization.

It is important to agree with the chairman that we are not under any
political party, not your own All Progressive Congress (APC), nor
People Democratic Party (PDP). However, if our father in APC said we
are not known to him, we cannot say the same because we know him and
the rest of the leaders, but we disagree with their leadership style,
hence our determination to exercise our rights as guaranteed in the
constitution. But despite the statement against us, we are still their
children and we shall continue to hold them in high regard.

We understand that as loyal party men, politicians particularly those
in APC would be under intense pressure to dissociate themselves from
us, but can they also dissociate themselves from the hunger, hardship
and joblessness affecting their own children, friends and families?
The answer is a resounding no.

While they may come to the public to say they are against the recall
of Dr. Saraki, who to a large extent, contributed negatively to the
current state of things, we know that truly in their heart, they are
in support of this patriotic move and we can’t, but pity their tight

We must however state that, genuine leaders of the people cannot be
against the recall effort, because the larger percentage of their
party members are victims of this poor leadership and bad
representation. They cannot be against this move, when all the decent
Federal job slots belonging to Kwara Central that should be given to
their children are either given to girl friends or sold to highest
bidders by the Senator and his aides. Genuine leaders can’t be against
this recall when graduates in Ilorin are only being occasionally
considered for security jobs to protect those in charge of our
collective resources, while the decent jobs go to the children of the
already rich.

Furthermore, we would like to add that, the Kwara Must Change group
created an online presence in March, 2013 not only to sensitize the
general public, but to also carry our grassroots network along in the
happening around the state. We are proud to say that today; our group
remains the most popular, most populated, most active, most
interesting and most interactive Kwara platform on the social media.

In conclusion and as responsible people who have so much respect for
our elders, we appreciate the elders concerns, but this recall process
cannot be stopped because we are tired of being misrepresented. The
recall shall take place as announced on 1st August, 2017.

Thank You.

Abdulrazaq O Hamzat
Kwara Must Change