SEE Road! Hon. Abbas Tajuddeen Is The Worst Rep Ever In The History Of Zaria

The road Hon Tajuddeen Abbas tarred

By Malam Isah Abbas Ahmed,

This is what he has to offer in his ward and his birthplace as road. I learnt that the cost of this road is estimated to be around N30m. No drainage, no proper screening nor any professional touch. From the equipments the contractors use (drums of coal tar etc), one will understand and easily measure how bad the road will be.

I appreciate our people for rejecting this and sending the contractors away. We are not this dull and desperate.

taj2 road

taj3 road

Now to those who converged in a meeting days back and called themselves Kwarbai Elders (who apparently did not contribute building the Ward capacity and infrastructure wise) alleging that some people petitioned the State Government to stop road construction affecting the ward (a petition no one can make available or prove), we await to see you meet and release press statement again on this. Otherwise, we will conclude that what you did was pure sycophancy and will keep the record straight. At the right time, we will bring it out and use it diligently.

This is one practical example of the consequences of SAK!

Hon. Tajudeen Abbas you are nothing but a big scam! We await you come 2019! Let’s see how you will come and solicit for our votes.