Shiite Response: Noisemaking, Hypocrisy and Mischief of a Declaration By Youth Who Watched Us Massacred, By Abdulmumin Giwa

  • Noisemaking, Hypocrisy and Mischief of a Declaration
  • Igbos are a tribe but the Hausas are not. The Hausas are a culture and a people that anybody can become one by simply adopting the culture

By Abdulmumin Giwa,

The most publicized and widespread announcement of a declaration by some northern youth groups doing the round that Igbos settling in northern Nigeria have been given an ultimatum that would expire on Independence Day to pack and leave the north is the most unfortunate junk ever to trend in the country this year.

One of the weapons used against Africans in general by the imperialists whenever they want to destroy them or execute a mission of rendering them ungovernable in order for them to exploit their resources has always been the stupidity and absurdity of the Africans that is also furnished by their sentimentalism and emotionalism.

It is understandable for an African to engage in Pan-Africanism free of racism but it is the most idiotic and unreasonable thing for him to engage in tribalism, sectionalism or continental racism.

It was a very shocking announcement that northern youths are sending the Igbos away from the north because the announcement is rid of every sense of reasonability.

These are the same youth organizations that pretended never to be in existence when northerners including the President, the Chief of Army Staff and the Kaduna state Governor used power with absolute impunity and tyranny to butcher over 1000 northerners, mostly youths in Zaria in December 2015.

These killers used all the available machinery to clampdown on innocent unarmed women, children youths and the aged engaging them in a killing spree, burning some alive, burying some alive and shooting others at close range. They used bayonets to cut ladies’ breasts, tear babies apart and throw them in blazing fire and also mass burry their victims with some of them alive begging to be killed before being buried but were buried alive.

It were the same northerners that were mobilized by northerners to scavenge the corpses of the victims where they stole pocket monies and even rings on the hands of the victims after the Nigerian Army made hips of corpses of northern youths. All these mercilessness and inhumanity were inspected and directed by northerners.

None of these so-called and self-made northern youths patriots came out to show any concern or even condemn the illicit mass murder by tyrants and power mongers.

One would wonder what crime these innocent unarmed civilians have committed to deserve such inhumanity, it is nothing other than the fact that they adhere to a religious idea that the President and his men do not subscribe to though constitutionally right.

None of the northern youths groups also came out to condemn the incessant blood-letting perpetrated by the Kaduna state government on the people of Southern Kaduna nor the clampdown on innocent Fulani herdsmen who are being killed and thrown into wells in bushes and their cows and sheep stolen from them by uniformed men.

Millions of youths in the north are out of school and are faced by worse poverty calamities and don’t have access to good education while also living in very harsh recession and difficulty and the self-made patriots never bothered to come out to speak out against the lack of performance of the current regime being led by northerners.

It is only the agitations by the Igbos that their eyes could see and it is only on it that they could render their noisemaking. This simply implies that it is a mischievous machination by the same wicked people exploiting the north.

One wonders on what basis they are acting because the Igbos are a tribe but the Hausas are not. The Hausas are a culture and a people that anybody can become one by simply adopting the culture. Hence, on what basis would a Hausa man engage in the stupid act of tribalism when he is not a tribe?

With the advent of time there had been inter-marriages between the Hausas and other tribes from other parts of the country including the Igbos a lot of who have produced offspring as a result to even a third and fourth generation, how do these fools hope to resolve this inter-woven culture? Where would who belong? Would the mixed blood be murdered? Madness! This is a simple result of growing diversity.

These acts of stupidity and immorality as displayed by these so-called northern youths are the deliberate patches created for imperialists to come and have a field day on us by engaging us in a form of modern colonialism. They would use such opportunities to create mayhem and unnecessary crises among us and later come in in the name of peace-keeping to take over all that we have and render us ungovernable.

As to our Igbo brothers, they need to widen their thoughts and accept the reality that they are gross beneficiaries of our diversities. They earn a lot from it. I can proudly say that there are places in the north where they even contest political positions and win. They have invested a lot of money in businesses in the north. I can proudly say that 70% of property along Constitution road and a lot others along Ahmadu Bello Way in Kaduna where the youth made their declaration belong to Igbos. The Igbos have Hausa business partners also and have generated billions of Naira as a result of this diversity.

What is more important is that their taking advantage of this diversity began after the Civil War that took place as a result of such agitations. This has fetched the Igbos billions of naira in the last 50 years. In a nutshell, they are beneficiaries of our diversity in the same manner as our Hausa brothers that have benefited financially through businesses with the Igbos are also beneficiaries of our diversity.

The Igbos should be able to understand that they are also victims of the same neo-colonial system put in place by the imperialists for their benefit and not for our benefit. They have to do away with that colonial mentality and stop revering the imperialist. They should understand in as much as we suffer the same fate in Nigeria, so also do their brothers and Sisters in the Christian faith in Palestine suffer the same fate in the hands of the Israelis. We are all victims of neo-colonialism and the imperialists divide us to exploit our human and natural resources. This is what Sheikh Zakzaky is calling you to understand and that is why they are detaining him illegally and keeping him incommunicado.

Tribalism, sectionalism and racism would not save us and would not take us anywhere but to a doom. What we need is a true system that would be just and fair to all irrespective of tribe, race, region and religion. All the agitations by those who feel aggrieved are as a result of the neo-colonial system operating.
The system is not meant to save and promote us but to exploit us as a nation and turn us into dumping grounds for their used products. It is as a result of this that leading imperialists like America and Israel in particular are all striving to ensure that they are in-charge in Nigeria in particular which if they control they surely are in control of Africa as a whole.

That was why they used the stooge regime to clampdown on the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) which they see as a threat to their greed. The IMN is already aware of the fact that we are either brothers in faith or brothers in humanity and is raising awareness and this is what they don’t want.

Therefore the imperialists contracted the Hausa politicians to massacre Nigerians in Zaria in order to kill the IMN leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, disperse his followers and out-law the Movement. This is because they understand that he is aware of all their dirty plots and is enlightening the people against them.

In their usual way the imperialists used a northerner to do their bid in order to silence sentimentalists like the so-called northern youths who don’t see beyond their noses.

I would not want to comment on those behind both the Igbos agitations and their reasons and those behind the rubbish recently made public by the northern youths. It should now be clear to all that this so-called Kaduna Declaration is merely noisemaking, mischief and hypocrisy to further give room to the wicked imperialist and their Nigerian agents in power to continue with their evil machinations.

No one should be deceived by all including those stupid politicians who call for the prosecution of the northern youths as they are all part of the plot to continue to enslave us while they benefit materially.
Let’s unite behind Sheikh Zakzaky to save our nation.