Shocker! Kala-Balge Villagers Allegedly Holding 40 Soldiers Caught In Boko Haram Raid Prisoner

May 27, 2014


ENDS has received exclusive information that the villagers of Kala-Balge in Borno state, caught over 40 suspected soldiers of the Nigerian army and have held them prisoner since the defensive two weeks ago where they successfully thwarted a Boko Haram invasion and killed over 200 terrorists.

Since we were alerted to this highly incriminating story, four days ago, ENDS has conducted several investigations and sourced more evidence supporting this allegation. We have sourced information from several townsmen who allege that they have in their custody, over 40 soldiers of the Nigerian army and the Nigerian government is aware of this and pleading for their release.

The villagers of Kala-Balge are sworn to secrecy and this has limited the out-flow of this information. The unity of purpose and strength of resistance of the Kala-Balge people against Boko Haram can be recollected from their several successful united actions against Boko Haram in which they have repossessed two light weight tanks, one APC, several hilux trucks and dozens of motorcycles from the terrorists and killed and arrested numerous. A vigilante in an interview with ENDS last week told our officer in Abuja that due to distrust of the State security services, they refused to hand over the APC and rather burned it, because they were convinced if returned it will find its way back into Boko Haram hands.

The villagers believe these are not terrorists dressed as soldiers, but actual employed men of the Nigerian army. They also stated that this is not the first such event where soldiers have been implicated in Boko Haram raids.

A BBC Hausa report last week as carried by DailyTrust, stated that a soldier of the Nigerian army had complained on air about his unit of over 200 able men, being told to stand down and watch as only 50 Boko Haram terrorists destroyed Gamboru-Ngala town this Month, killing over 300 and burning down the entire town. The solder who spoke to BBC said a government military helicopter hovered above, providing cover to the terrorists and did not fire to immobilize their tank and repel their onslaught.

The United States has commented on the level of sabotage in the Nigerian army under the Goodluck Jonathan administration; their distrust of the Nigerian operations was so immense, it limited their information sharing with Nigeria.

The possibility of 40 Nigerian soldiers being caught while involved in an alleged Boko Haram raid is obviously very serious and has great implications in the current state of success of Boko Haram and the continuous genocide in the north with destruction of local farming. We have been unable to get an official response from the Nigerian military who did not answer our calls.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah for [Every Nigerian Do Something]
Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian