Southern Kaduna Peoples’ Union (SOKAPU) Press Statement: Welcomes New Security Developments



The national body of the Southern Kaduna Peoples Union (SOKAPU), has watched with keen interest the recent energetic attempts made by the Military, Police and other security agencies brought into Southern Kaduna, to comb the bushes around some of our attack-prone communities like Goska, Ambam, up to Bakin Kogi axis in Jema’a Local Government, as well as Ashim in Kaura Local Government.

These steps and initiatives taken by the security agencies involved in these exercises are commendable. Since the outbreak of these mindless attacks on our communities, this is what we have been asking for and it’s heartwarming to see our security personnel beginning to go into the bushes. Their decision to take the fight right to the armed terrorists who have made camps in the bushes around some of our communities is indeed gratifying and an assurance to us that with such proactive measures, our displaced people will soon start sleeping in their destroyed villages with their two eyes closed and resuming their farming activities.

We, however, call on the security agencies to intensify their efforts so that the isolated killings of our people in their farms, such as that of Mr. Peter Magayaki of Bakin Kogi, who was shot death on his farm on Wednesday 1st, March 2017, will be a thing of the past. We remain optimistic that the military – with sincerity of purpose and a robust commitment to flushing out the terrorists hiding in some of the bushes of our villages, will soon put an end to such guerilla and sniper attacks on our peace-loving people.

Also, heartwarming is the collaboration between the security personnel and local vigilantes which manifested through shared information when Rafin Dadi in Kaninkon Chiefdom was attacked on February 27, 2017, leading to the terrorists being repelled. Our youth’s complete knowledge of the terrain around their communities remains an asset to the security agencies, and we appeal for more synergy between the security agencies and local vigilantes in other communities under the threats of attack in Southern Kaduna. Furthermore, our religious leaders are leading their followers in this LENT period to pray assiduously for the success of this new synergy.

For emphasis, SOKAPU completely reiterates its full support for the permanent formation of a military presence in Southern Kaduna because it’s what we have advocated for, as a means of securing our area from the terrorists that have turned our communities into killing field with so much impunity. We further ask that permanent military presence should also be located around the Gidan Waya axis and we urge the authorities to hasten the building of such facilities.

We also used this opportunity to condole with the Nigeria Police over the loss of their officer, who was also killed alongside six of our people when Bakin Kogi was attacked on Sunday 19th February 2017.

May their souls rest in peace and may healing be visited upon the injured.

Thank you very much.
Signed: Mr. Yakubu Kuzamani

National Public Relation Officer