Stephanie Otobo Releases ‘Hot’ Screenshots, Speaks About Her Relationship With Apostle Johnson Suleman


Lady at the center of a major sex scandal involving a prominent Nigerian priest, Apostle Johnson Suleman of Omega Fire Ministry Worldwide has spoken out about her relationship with the controversial priest.

Ms. Stephanie Otobo who is based in Canada was arrested by Nigerian police officers acting in concert with Suleman in Lagos while she was inquiring from the local bank the reason her account with the bank was frozen.

While waiting in the banking hall at Anthony Village, Ms. Otobo and her colleague Wisdom Godstime were arrested and rough-handled by police officers led by one DSP Ugwumba. Upon forceful arrest, her phones were taken away and her lawyers and family members prevented from communicating with her.

She went through an ordeal in the hands of the policemen who tried to force her to recant her accusations against Mr. Suleman. Ms. Otobo was hurriedly charged with terrorism and extorting before a Lagos Chief Magistrate earlier today in Lagos.

However, the Chief Magistrate Justice Kikelomo Bukola Ayeye granted her bail, but court officials and the police frustrated the perfection of the bail process leading to her further incarceration. While on the sidelines waiting for her bail to be perfected, Ms. Otobo revealed the dirty secrets of Apostle Suleman involving his penchant for threesomes and addiction to nude photos from her. Mr. Otobo has also released a series of screenshots from explicit sexual conversations with Mr. Suleman.

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