Super-spreaders?: UK 2021 Data Shows Vaccinated Adults ~2x as Likely to Get Covid Though Less Likely to be Admitted and Die [Video]

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  • This video has a nice visualization of how well the vaccine and booster works over time as extracted from the UK government data
  • The data shows an opposite efficacy in many age-groups to the 95% efficacy advertised by the pharmaceutical companies and government
  • The data shows greater risk of getting covid in the vaccinated but lower risk of admissions and death, suggesting vaccinated may be super-spreaders and may have a form of “AIDS” – Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
  • Note: the current data size is 2000 larger than the trial sizes, which gives greatest study power


This video provides a nice visualization of the effect of the Covid vaccines booster shots over time as sourced from UK official government database.

It analyses UK government data results from weeks 38 to 42 of 2021 and shows a rather scary trend with vaccination not only failing to achieve the advertised 95% efficacy, but in most age-groups actually giving an opposite result and a disadvantage over the unvaccinated/pureblooded in terms of testing positive for Covid-19.

While the data shows greater protection against admission and death, the greater case rate among the vaccinated creates reason to worry about greater mutations and variants occurring in this population set in addition to the vaccinated being super-spreaders if they get infected more.

With ages 18-80 in most weeks reviewed having on average 2x the risk of testing positive for Covid-19 infection, the results if they hold after scientific bias screening, may point to a specific vaccine-induced Covid-19 immune deficiency, or more problematically to a general Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, AIDS in the vaccinated.

Vaccinated Super-spreaders

We crosschecked the data and picked a random week; the report of week 39 which gave results of weeks 35 to week 38, and provided the results with our highlights in below image which show as the video said, higher rates of covid cases in vaccinated when compared to non-vaccinated/purebloods.


Here is another week showing again a super-spreader almost double rate of covid cases per 100,000 in vaccinated as compared to non-vaccinated purebloods. Week 42 reports:

Week 42:

Vaccinated on average twice as likely to test positive for Covid-19

Results from week 43 which spanned weeks 39-42 were presented in a new format, presumably after public alarm over the figures for the vaccinated. The report however still showed an average of double the risk of contracting covid-19 in vaccinated from ages 30-80.

A disclaimer highlighted below –without presenting any scientific evidence– attributed this increased super-spreader risk in vaccinated to testing biases, suggesting that vaccinated were “more health conscious;” also suggesting “more social engagements” and finally claiming that the unvaccinated may have had “the covid infection prior to the 4-week reporting period.” It is not clear how these biases may not work in either direction and scientific support is clearly needed.


Less Emergency Admissions among Vaccinated

When the data is checked for the admission rates among vaccinated and non-vaccinated/purebloods, vaccination was protective with the non-vaccinated about 3.5x more likely to be admitted on average of all age groups.

Vaccination protective against admissions

Less Deaths in Double-Jabbed

The infected double-jabbed were also about 3x less likely to die than non vaccinated pureblooded.

The full data is sourced from UK government COVID-19 vaccine surveillance report:

See data excel sheet with calculations and data sources:

See actual: