ACTION: Our Undeserving Senators Are Fighting For Life-Pensions, Impunity! ‪#‎RejectConstitutionalChange‬ Now

David Mark

Why is the Nigerian Senate suddenly in a hurry to get this bill signed? What is the urgency of this amendment and why are our legislators so desperate they even threatened to impeach president Jonathan at this last hour if he does not sign it?

These are the questions many of us ruminated over but not for long because the shame of those we call our legislators across both parties was exposed once again. Attorney and activist Femi Falana has again stood on the right side of posterity and exposed the corrupt blackmailers, clogs in the wheel of progress.

Anytime we hear our legislators threatening to impeach the president, it is not in the interest of Nigeria but in their interest. I can cite a dozen instances this happened. The minute we read the ‘impeach’ threat we knew what was involved was personal to the intoxicated senators.

Our ‘legislators’ want to be paid for life for a job they do not do…and when they do, all they end up getting done is increasing their benefits and allowances and depriving us masses of life.

Hear them; the world’s highest paid, least working senators want to be paid the outrageous wage for life. Are they not afraid? Do they not have anything left of a conscience?

They want life immunity because they are thieves. Upright people fear not justice.

The amendments also raise their powers above the executive powers of the president in constitution matters, giving them the ability in the future to amend the constitution without the president’s approval.

And they are in a hurry to make these changes and have them sealed before Buhari/Osinbajo and the new government resumes offices.

Nigerians must stand up and reject these constitutional changes. At this last hour these people only think of themselves and dare to suggest a last minute impeachment they never delivered for six years, because they love themselves this much and hate Nigeria.

President Jonathan is fighting these vampires on the right side of history. The legislooters must be denied this depressingly, criminal, life-long access to funds-for-Nigeria’s-masses they so desperately and shamelessly seek. Fight for your rights. #RejectConstitutionalChange

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian