Switzerland addresses potential energy shortfall

Lazy eyes listen


The government of Switzerland has extended a directive instructing its gas suppliers to prepare reserves for next winter, citing potential shortages.

Because Switzerland lacks domestic gas storage capacity, the order requires the storage of the equivalent of 15% of annual Swiss consumption in facilities in neighboring countries.

Following the cessation of Russian supplies as a result of Western sanctions, the reserve was established last May for the 2022-23 winter season.

“The EU requires member states that lack storage capacity to store 15% of their annual consumption for winter 2023/24 as well,” the government said in a statement. “Switzerland is hereby continuing to demonstrate solidarity by assisting in the filling of Europe’s storage facilities,” it added.

However, the government warned that in the worst-case scenario, the 15% reserve might not be enough to cover domestic shortfalls.

According to official data, natural gas accounts for approximately 15% of total energy consumption in Switzerland. Russia supplied about half of its gas imports, either directly or indirectly.