Terrorists And US Policy, African Spiritualist Weighs In

By Akanimo Sampson,

Port Harcourt

EXCEPT the miraculous happens, the United States (US) will continue to experience one form of terrorist attack or the other. This is so because the role of Washington in the current worrisome global terrorism has come under review by spiritual masters who tend to know better.

America is being indicted in the extermination of the Red Indians, the brutality and execution of black slaves and the death of civilians, especially, women and children through the use of atomic bomb, on two different occasions, in Japan in 1945.

In an exclusive interview with this reporter in Awka, the Anambra State capital in Eastern Nigeria, a prominent Nigerian spiritual leader, and socio-political thinker, Chief Nwankwo Nnabuchi, said spiritual masters are worried why the incumbent US administration is seeking $3.00 trillion to modernize and up-grade her nuclear arsenal while allegedly pretending to be desirous of a nuclear free society.

Nnabuchi who leads the Kuu Lam Chee Brotherhood, an order of avatars and robe travellers said, ”the spiritual masters wish to remind US that the successes she achieved in the Second World War were because she fought on the side of the oppressed.

”Subsequent gambles in defense of allies ended up either in failures or victories which later turned into abysmal catastrophe. The present scenario as prompted by the Ukrainian crisis and NATO’s Eastern expansion depicts US as the aggressor, and likely to be a victim of nature’s tentacles and possibly face the fate similar to that of Germany after the 1st and 2nd World Wars.

”US leadership is advised to be humble, and open her eyes and ears to see and hear the voices and words of Heavenly hosts”.

US has a population of 322 million people, a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of $17.95 trillion, and an annual budget of $596 billion and controls virtually all the political, economic and military frontiers of the world.

Her military expenditure annually surpasses that of other permanent members of the UN Security Council, Japan, Germany and India put together. US airbases are on every nuke and corners of the world. So are other military hardware.

In terms of trade and economy, her GDP is higher than that of China, Japan, India and Russia put together. On this basis, it is compelling to accept the nation as “God Chosen Country”.

According to Nnabuchi, ”US’ pre-eminence status in the world is not questionable. She can engage the world in military battles and has the capability to stifle the economy of any nation through sanctions. US ability to use security services, financial institutions, Treasury Department’s fines and penalties, and political pressures to enforce what she desires in Europe and elsewhere is undisputed.”

Continuing, he said, ”a school of thought claimed that the removal of Chirac was because Chirac refused to be forced to accept Turkey into the European Union [EU]. The same source also revealed that the fate of Sakozy was sealed because of his unwillingness to agree to the removal of Gadaffi of Libya. If these claims are correct, it does explain why most European leaders are unable to question US directives.

”She is said to be a de-facto ruler of the world and the statements of her diplomats, politicians and businessmen attest to this claim. Not only that the above statement is offensive but that the mockery attached thereto questions the wisdom of humanity.”

The steady growth of US population is however, based on her immigration policy which encourages people of all walks of life to come and settle there. Many top academics who fled Germany and Europe during the Second World War helped US to make tremendous leap in science and technology, and since then subsequent intakes of new immigrants were skewed in favour of brilliant scholars in sciences, technology and economics.

For Nnabuchi, ”the collapse of Soviet Union also added to the pool of great minds from Eastern Europe who migrated to US in search of higher pay, improved standard of life and security. As more immigrants – sensible or not, productive or not, educated or not, etc continue to flood the streets of US, it is highly likely that future US society will be a very complex one, – possibly on the decline as well as deteriorate to a level that may shock the country and the world. The whirl-pool of decay and extinction has set in and likely to reverse the current that propelled her into greatness.

”Regrettably, US Foreign policy is predicated on the axiom that Might is right and possibly the only ticket to colonize and subjugate humanity. The same technique guarantees the country’s economic, military and political superiority.

”US’ foreign, military and economic theories about the administration of the world rest on mono-strand equation. She fails to admit that other powerful nations should be given a voice in the decision of the type of political, military and economic activities within their immediate neighborhood. Winner takes al’ is the only slogan in the dictionary of US.

”After the collapse of the Soviet Union, US saw herself as the undisputed ruler of the world, with absolute powers to dictate to her enemies or allies in international community. Henry Kissinger’s advice during the Ukrainian crisis was put into the dust bin and that of the hawks elevated to the official summon of the administration.

”Today US is in a very difficult situation and may not survive the catastrophe about to trail that singular mistake. We should disregard the show that more Balkan and Baltic states are routing to join NATO. It may not face the test of time.

”Poland has again stabbed herself by hosting NATO meeting within the walls of Warsaw. This is not the end of the story, as the third stab is about to occur, and this is the installation of ABM in Poland. Warsaw declarations saw the birth and death of Soviet Union.

”In like manner, NATO’s proposed declaration in Warsaw concerning her military apparatus along the borders of the Russian Federation may face the same tragedy that befell the Soviet Union. Warsaw is notorious for strange alliances which later collapse in similar strange circumstances.”

He is not yet done. Nnabuchi who said he was speaking for the inner circles of the spiritual masters, pointed out that US has often accused Russia of aggression, citing the Ukraine crisis as the basis of such assertion.

”Through massive propaganda, countries of Balkan and Baltic areas are being directed to turn their back against Russia, insinuating that Russia is coming back to colonize them. To such victims, European Union is seen as a challenger or rather a substitute to Russia.

”Fine and well, but one wonders whether European Union can actually survive any serious geo-political pressure during actual military conflict, because sovereign nations play the game of survival differently.

”A seasoned politician or one groomed on the ups and downs of world politics or twists and turns in geo-political dynamics of Europe may not fully be in complete agreement with the decisions of leaders in the white house. After all, the battle ground is in Europe”, he said.

However, aggression and occupation are related and connote actual presence on the ground in the occupied state or denial of the occupied state all rights accruing to a sovereign state.

Arguing, he said, ”if the presence of US nuclear arsenal, war planes, missiles, tanks and other military hardwares have been in Germany and Japan since 1945, what does military occupation mean? If Japan’s and Germany’s economic, foreign and defense policies are dictated by Washington, what is colonization or oppression?

”The obvious and the most credible answer of course, is that all countries hosting US’s defense apparatus are colonies of the United States of America, and therefore must sink or swim with US. For example, if US is at war with another country, US reserves the right to launch counter-attack from any of her offshore bases, thereby dragging the concerned country into war, likely to be a nuclear one.”

They said the Barack Obama administration is known for four major achievements:

* Within eight years in office, Obama borrowed $10 trillion, almost at par with the cumulative debt of all the previous administrations.

* In alliance with Gulf Corporation Council, the West, under the leadership of US, catapulted terrorism in the Middle East, especially in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. Recently, US spent over $500 million in recruiting and arming rebels against President Hassad of Syria and this ended up in the hands of ISIS. The same scenario played out in Iraq and Afghanistan. To further catapult terrorism in the region West polarized Islamism into two parallel lines, namely Shiite and Sunni.

* Obama’s administration concluded to terminate the relevance of Russia in the international arena. Australia, Ukraine, Turkey and virtually all the countries of Europe, with particular emphasis on countries of Balkan, Baltic and Nordic regions were assembled to make caricature of Putin, the Presidency and the citizenry of the Russian Federation. It is very unfortunate.

* US master-minded the isolation of all nations unwilling to accept her dictates. It is not only limited to foes but also extends to allies unwilling to swallow peels of destruction. It was done to France, Germany and South American countries. Russia is the target as of now, but US has, through her Defense Secretary, given notice to do so to China because of the South China Sea conflict.

In the mean time, South Korea has accepted the deployment of an advanced US missile system called Terminal High Altitude Area Defense [THAAD] in her country.

He queried, ”if despite Chinese and Russian objection to this project, South Korea insists on the installation of the system, has she not lost the right to ask for Russia and Chinese cooperation in the ongoing sanctions against North Korea? Similarly, if US is insensitive to Chinese and Russian views, is it not rational for them to queue behind North Korea?”

”We must accept the fact that US leaders run the relay race satisfactorily, ensuring that the change of baton is consistent and focused at the finishing line. The principal goal is to ensure that conflicts with adversaries are settled outside the shores of the United States. The ongoing war game with Russia is to contain US. Russian military confrontation in Balkan, Nordic and Baltic areas or at worst within the continent of Europe”, Nnabuchi said.