The FG Is Working In Secret To Resolve The Nomadic Boko Haram, Herder, Farmer Deadly Violence


Nigeria’s Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed has stated that the Federal government of Nigeria is working “silently” to address the violence between suspected herders who the Senate has determined to be a nomadic strain of Boko Haram and locals.

Lai Mohammed, disclosed this during a special prayer for the stability of the nation by an Islamic group, the Saadatul Abadiyyah Organisation of Nigeria this Sunday.

He said,

“The President did speak immediately these things happened, to the extent of setting up a panel of enquiry. But the government is going to do more than that.

“These communal clashes are very delicate issues, very emotional and what the government is doing is working very silently to ensure that people who used to live together before without any conflict will go back to that. In few weeks from now, we will begin to see the result of that.”

Nigerians have been very upset with some asking how long will they be able to hold back before defending themselves.

Nigeria has been very outspoken militarily with other less violent disturbances. It is not known why in this case the government claims it is working in secret. Why the secrecy, many commented, calling it all “lies,” on a popular Nigerian forum.

It has been expected that the Military will announce no tolerance for nomadic herdsmen violence and act decisively to crush any operation of rampaging armed Boko Haram, but this has not been the case as they have been allowed to continue their rampage with the government negotiating with people involved in genocides. This has been very troubling for the international and local community.