The Truth About Pantami, Islam and Us Northern Muslims – Abba Waziri

by Abba Waziri,

The truth is many people think Pantami is Islamically right but politically wrong and morally indictable.

They might be right. They might be wrong.

It might be legitimate for him to aspire to any position in this country. But it is morally wrong for him to do so. Not entirely wrong. Just morally wrong.

Pantami is not a political office holder. He is an appointee of the President. If you feel Pantami is undeserving of his sit, query the President. Not him. Stop misdirecting your fury.

His case isn’t the same as Kemi’s because his own is not a paper inconsistency. It is an issue of moral burden.

If we are to use past pronouncements to judge people, many people castigating him mow wouldn’t escape it. You know them. I don’t have to mention names.

Abba Waziri

When he made those pronouncements regarding terrorism decades ago, he made them from the angle of Islam and the available information then (many people did). Which was insufficient.

Nobody is defending him. I don’t believe he is correct. Just stating the obvious.

His coming out to withdraw his initial position will only make him look like a cowardly hypocrite. Especially if you consider his earlier positions, his current position and the times we’re in. His traducers will still turn around to call him a hypocrite afterwards.

Don’t forget:

One, The Qur’an is explicit regarding issues of jihad (forget those people that love to twist and twist Quranic verses to suit their caprice).

Two, he will be lying if he now says he doesn’t believe in those ideals. Because he obviously still does. Listen to him.

Don’t get it wrong, one can believe in his kind of ideals and still not be a threat to our national security. It’s not the way it’s made to look like.

However, if you still find him undeserving of his seat, query the President. Pressure him to do the right thing. There is hierarchy in public administration and the principle of collective responsibility still applies.

On the other hand, if the problem lies in The Book (Quran) and religion (Islam) he uses to assert his position then it is time for we Muslims to introspect.

Our religion is made to look like a cult (or some terrorism breeding ground) before our very own eyes and our insufficient understanding of it isn’t helping.

This is not about Pantami. This is about Islam. Don’t be deceived.