Those In My New Cabinet Planning On Looting’ll Only Find Work, No Loot – Buhari


In a TV interview where the president of Nigeria confessed that (this not being a dictatorship), influential Nigerians were successfully disturbing his war against corruption by bribing anti-corruption, judicial officers and influencing legislators, the president assured that any of the officials he had appointed that hooped to loot will not be able to. They will only find work and no chance to loot the way he will run his government, the president said.

Buhari said,

“The stumbling blocks are big, corrupt Nigerians that have the capacity to compromise the integrity of a lot of people, either the law enforcement agencies or journalists to make sure that they discourage the government from pursuing them and recovering public funds from them or punishing them. Those who aspire to public office, we will make sure what they are going to get is service and not looting.”

fashola beg

In the talk, the president also remarked that some of his ministers will sit on the bench. He said he only selected 36 to fulfill the constitutional requirements, otherwise he would have taken much less, talk-less the former 42 ministers Jonathan used. He stressed that Nigeria was broke and could not afford to pay the ministers.

“How do you expect us to have embarked on serious capital infrastructure projects already when Nigeria was materially and morally vandalized,” he said, “are you testing my knowledge?” Saying that his interviewer should know it more than me how Nigeria was bankrupted.

While promising that he will soon reveal the billions recovered from looters, but not quite yet, the president said he wanted his legacy to be that he not only fought the civil war but also fought corruption to its death.