140,000 Women Reported Menstrual Irregularities After Covid Shots – NPR News

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  • 140,000 reports of heavy flows, breakthrough bleeding from people on long-acting, reversible contraception, people on gender-affirming hormones and postmenopausal people who were years and years out from their last period, sometimes decades out.


by Tim Yousef

When my friend complained about his young wife to me today, I could not control my feelings. “My wife has been having massive bleeding since she took the Pfizer shot,” he said.

“The bleeding expelled her IUD and after she had it replaced, it expelled it again.”

My friend is 41, his wife is 35. He said she took her second Pfizer BioNTech dose two weeks ago.

“Now the hospital is tracking her,” he continued. “After the bleeding continued and the second IUD, her doctors told her they actually have other reports of the problem and are tracking it, they may soon alert the public. Her friend has the same problem since taking the shot, with severe cramps. This affects fertility!”

Disturbed with the predicament, we checked Google to see if this was common. It was!

“140,000 responses!”

There were many results and reports of thousands of women complaining of various menstrual irregularities post covid shots.

Captioned “A Possible Side Effect? Thousands Of People Saw Menstruation Changes Post-Vaccine,” a piece in GPB from NPR radio put the numbers of victims in context. Thousands.

“BRUMFIEL: Clancy and Lee put together a survey for people to record their experiences. So far, they’ve had over 140,000 responses. Many are reporting heavy flows, but others have seen changes as well.

“CLANCY: We started hearing a lot about breakthrough bleeding from people on long-acting, reversible contraception, people on gender-affirming hormones and postmenopausal people who were years and years out from their last period, sometimes decades out.

“BRUMFIEL: These stories are important, but they don’t prove a connection to the vaccines. For one thing, Katharine Lee says they’re told voluntarily by people who want to share their stories.

“LEE: It’s not going to be representative of the averages of everyone who’s vaccinated.

“BRUMFIEL: In other words, this is just a small fraction of the many tens of millions of people who’ve had a shot. And many have not reported problems. In fact, vaccine manufacturers and the FDA all say they do not currently see evidence that the shots are causing any changes to menstruation. Kathryn Edwards is a physician at Vanderbilt University. She sits on an independent data monitoring committee for the Pfizer vaccine. It’s a paid position.”

The above is an excerpt of the transcript provided by NPR, from their broadcast recording of August 3rd 2021.

The possible mechanisms by which covid jabs, especially Pfizer and AstraZeneca may cause menstrual irregularities and the possible consequences of this are “hard to study” another broadcast from yesterday discussed.

BBC: Covid vaccine: Period changes could be a short-term side effect. https://www.bbc.com/news/health-56901353

Pharmaceutical Technology weighed in on the subject, reporting that the UK had received at least 13,000 complaints of menorrhagia and related symptoms, also describing menstrual issues with Moderna vaccine as reported in a twitter thread by Dr Kate Clancy. While Dr Katie Lee, a postdoctoral research fellow in the Division of Public Health Sciences at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, US, hypothesized that it was inflammatory and not hormonal processes that were culprit. The organisation advertised other online surveys to gather details of the incidence of this troubling condition.

And from India:

“Thousands of women around the world have reportedly experienced changes in their menstrual cycle after receiving COVID vaccine jabs. 

“As COVID vaccines started to roll out globally, a small but growing number of women have reported short-term changes in their menstrual cycle following vaccination.

“Heavier periods, severe cramps, or an early, delayed or even absent period after COVID jabs are among the most noticeable changes.” Read full: https://www.indiatimes.com/

Of course the CDC, EPA and FDA know about this Big Pharma knows of it too. They are studying it but these vaccines are emergency approved so it is technically impossible to fast track such studies of safety and potential or possible impact now and in the future on fertility.

For now I can only empathize with my friend’s wife and the tens of thousands of affected women and pray for them to overcome this.