THREE Fully Vx’d Senators ‘Breakthrough’ with COVID in Space of Hours: Democrat Hickenlooper, Republican Wicker and Independent King

  • Wicker’s office says he has been vaccinated and is being treated by his Tupelo physician
  • He is the second vaccinated senator after South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham to test positive 
  • Soon after his announcement, King’s office announced his positive test, despite taking precautions like traveling to Maine via car
  • Hickenlooper, a Democrat, was the third to confirm a positive test Thursday 
  • Wicker is isolating and his symptoms are ‘mild’ 
  • Senate held a series of votes last Tuesday and Wednesday 

The coronavirus pandemic reared its head in the Capitol again on Thursday, with three sitting senators announcing they have tested positive for COVID-19.

The trio are the latest to suffer ‘breakthrough’ infections despite being vaccinated. 

Republican Sen. Roger Wicker of Mississippi was the first to announce a positive test on Thursday. He is currently in isolation, his spokesperson said Thursday. Soon after Wicker’s announcement, Sen. Angus King, a Maine independent who caucuses with Democrats, announced he, too, had tested positive.

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