Throwing Jobs at the Bereaved: More Insult on National Injury

Mar. 29, 2014


One of the President’s few remaining ardent supporters, I think it was Bafarawa, said ‘Jonathan is still learning.’ This was an admission of incapacity for sure but was not a reassuring and actually accurate statement, evidence proves. What is the evidence that the President is learning… what precisely is he learning? What has he learned in 7+ years in Aso rock? He veritably did not learn from late Yar’Adua who he served as deputy under, how to swiftly and firmly, without romance and patronage, defeat Boko Haram as Yar’Adua did. He did not learn from Yar’Adua how to resolve terror crises like MEND terror of the creeks, which Yar’Adua ‘taught him.’ Today, the Niger Delta youth are no better—are unemployed and the creeks are fully terrorized once again with high-sea piracy, oil bunkering, illegal refining, kidnapping and armed robbery. Jonathan did not learn from Yar’Adua how to protect national interests by fighting corruption and corrupt cabal head-on. We remember how Yar’Adua overturned the ‘illegal’ sale of Nigeria’s refineries by Obasanjo to Dangote and Otedola. Jonathan today does the opposite; so what has he learned?

The reason for this reference is as refers to the national immigration tragedy rocking this nation. The President promised to throw three jobs a family at each of the families that lost a member during the criminal immigration recruitment exercise scam conducted by his regime. This is insult upon injury. One asks—does this President have any advisers?

Do they not know that you do not give knee-jerk responses in such grave cases of national tragedy, adding insult upon injury? Does this government have the right to simply throw away state jobs at families like so? This gives you an idea and confirms allegations that during this and similar exercises in the past, these government officials actually did share employment positions among their families in this simple fashion—3 for you, 250 for me… etc. No, Mr. President, a government does not have the right under any conditions whatsoever to simply throw three immigration jobs at families, yours or others like that. There are criteria for employment and these criteria must at all times remain the basis for these State specialty and national security jobs. So if the members of these families do not have candidates who pass the criteria then what will you do? If they do not have members who need the jobs, or if they simply now detest anything to do with Immigration and customs under your government and the interior ministry, how will your bribe help them, Sir?

This offer is insolent, insensitive and arrogant. Your duty is to figure out how to attempt to resolve this national tragedy; not to throw appeasements of your choice to the bereaved. You are not meant to be a dictator… yes we know you love Abacha and all, but remember this is that crucial year before elections 2015. You can do better than this. Nigeria is drenched in blood and tears, be more sensitive and sensible for God sake!

If you wished to throw jobs at the bereaved, you can only do so with your private sector cabal who you sell all Nigeria and Nigerians too. You cannot simply throw away national security jobs as gifts or appeasement to who wants and who does not want; you can however tell your buddies in the private sector, those you dashed PHCN to etc, you know, those whose oligopolies you enshrine and protect in crippling of the nation, to offer equally compensating jobs to the family members. That is allowed, is within your authority and means and that will be a service we would have praised and not criticized.

Sir, you could give money or other things, but you simply do not have these jobs to give. And whatever you give means you made a deadly mistake and the giving MUST be accompanied by a sacking or first suspension in acknowledgement of your deadly mistake. And do Nigerians have to die and rise up in protest for you to realize we exist? What’s your plan for the millions who were defrauded by your regime and the hundreds who were injured and the thousands of us home and abroad who are being psychologically defeated and traumatized by the unbelievable acts of insane greed of your and Babangida’s men in your government? We will prove to you that Nigerians are not goats.

Fire, fire, fire, fire is the main menu as we approach the next election. Not only shall you fire the Interior minister, but you must also fire your advisers (Some of us know who really needs to be fired/Impeached, but the Senate is just as hopeless so that won’t happen anytime soon). Obviously to all, they are very incompetent people. Who thought up such a stupid plan in this instance of national insult and hurt when the tragedy as Rudolph Okonkwo stated, is to all Nigerians, the ‘walking dead.’ Three jobs to each family? Seriously? This falls into the category of actions of your first year in office—‘Nigeria’s national soccer team are banned.’ Yes, that type of knee-jerk, senseless action. So what are we learning precisely if we still repeat the reactionary, puerile, despotic errors of our first days in office?

Dr. Peregrino Brimah [Every Nigerian Do Something]
Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian