The Truth About Dino Melaye’s Crookery And The Crux Behind A Fake BSC Certificate

Saraki, Dino


by Alhassan Haruna Dambatta,

Please read the heading once again to gain the clear picture of what I will dig on.

Senator Dino Melaye have been embroiled in many political and personal ‘jigijanties’ (sorry my word).

Presently, Dino is one amongst the many visible subservient senators in the chamber and of course many of us, millions of us are aware that Dino is loyal to the Saraki dynasty and two things stand him out in the calamity of his political protege-sm.

Dino was the only senator who in the glare of Nigerians, reposes the decadence of undignified behavior by shouting out loud in the midst of microphones about his unshaken mountains of loyalty to the Saraki dynasty. The speech is entitled ‘Till death do us part’ Dino Melaye reaffirms his unshakable loyalty to Saraki. This is what he wrote on his Facebook page.

“My brother and friend Sen. Bukola Saraki, if you have 1 trillion supporters, I’m one. If you have one billion, I’m one. If you have one million, I’m one. If you have one thousand, I’m one. If you have ten,
I’m one. If you have only one supporter, I’m one. And if you have no single supporter, it means I’m dead. No shaking. For years too sure.”

Only this have exposed Dino as a servant who whether good or bad will never see anything wrong with his master’s indiscretion but will lick the torso of his almighty god father.

Then comes the drama of Dino Melaye acting in a Hollywood movie as a bodyguard to a married woman, I mean Mrs. Saraki. Dino has no shame, he is a blind, deaf and dumb follower, using the opportunity to elevate theoretic concept of a new definition of loyalty. Dino mobilizes 5 senators and 20 house of assembly members to escort the senator’s wife, how would Mrs. Dino feels in her borne marrow when she saw him keeping an escort for another woman? Mrs. Dino answer us please.

On that day, Dino was happy to say unimaginable things about Nigerians.

To give a face to his wanton stupidity, Dino chooses to be philosophical because he says,

“Stand up for what you believe in regardless of the popularity or acceptance of
your belief.”

Amongst all Nigerians, Dino Melaye was the only one to see good in Mrs Saraki colliding with Mr. Saraki to defrauded Nigeria and its people.

Coming to the crux of my subject matter, Dino promoted as a crook is not far fetched, because the analogy of his history is engraved in his love for materialism, the love for #money, #wealth and #power. Thus, the display of various automobiles, foreign bike that were bought from proceeds of corruption and cookery.

Why is Dino Melaye BSC in geography reportedly seemed by Nigerians to be fake? well, your digging always identifies how deep you go, hence the need to digest this theory.

Quite sure, Dino went to #ABU Zaria and have finished the #BSC but technically have not finish. His course in the geography department, I said his course not his courses because it is only one course missing from his transcript, that is an assignment for you.

The management of the department, precisely the HOD, decided to unilaterally certified Melaye without the consent and endorsement of the ABU management and this has been the reason why the management of ABU couldn’t give a statement yet, this was caused by the fear of the unknown; especially the unknown rudiments of investigation. Those of Havard and #London have since clarifies on Melaye’s claims that he graduated there, which they said ‘NO’, but here the Nigerian factor have hinders our being equal to the task, a short coming from the side of ABU.

Now, the stage is set and the cookies will soon crumble, the wrappers will soon be removed in the market square, Melaye will soon meet his water loo and the truth will surely be exposed, but the reality is that, the cookery of both Dino and senate president Saraki have lingered for some time and need to be brought to an end. Very soon the story of Dino Melaye will be of that fly in Gimba Karkanda’s poem, the story of the helpless #fly caught in a spider’s #web, the fly has seen the worst of all evil because he was sucked from the inside out by the spider, just the same way we are being sucked by the likes of Dino and Saraki. We should all remember that, the worst of all evils is for good #people to do nothing they say and here good Nigerians have to act.

Comrade Alhassan Haruna Dambatta.
Activist, Journalist, Media expert.