Ukrainian drones attack Russian city – governor

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Several Ukrainian drones were shot down near the Russian city of Kursk early Friday, regional governor Roman Starovoyt said.

Starovoyt urged locals to remain calm, saying the region’s capital, which shares a border with Ukraine, was “under the firm protection of our military.”

The governor’s declaration came after many Telegram channels reported hearing explosions over the city. Mash posted an unconfirmed video showing an air defence system shooting a missile into the sky.

Since Moscow commenced its military effort in Ukraine in February 2022, Russia’s border territories have frequently been subjected to artillery and rocket fire, as well as drone operations.

Raids into Russian territory have also been launched. Drones carrying bombs crashed into multiple high-rise residential buildings in Moscow on Tuesday. No one was killed, and only two individuals were injured. According to Russian sources, Kiev carried out the attack to instill panic and confusion among the population.

The Russian Defence Ministry announced on Thursday that its troops had repulsed an armed invasion from Ukraine into the Belgorod Region.

Similar cross-border incursions on the Belgorod Region in mid-May and the Bryansk Region in early March were claimed by units in Kiev’s service, purportedly made up of Russian nationalist volunteers.