Under Buhari Nigeria a Lawless Jungle – Goodluck Jonathan [VIRAL VIDEO]


Former president of Nigeria in a now viral video from his campaign ahead of the 2015 elections, predicted what Nigeria has become as a jungle.

The former president was taking examples from Buhari’s first stint as leader to warn Nigerians that under Buhari people will be locked up indiscriminately and the rule of law will not be obeyed.

It is recalled that during Buhari’s military rule, Decree 4 was imposed which brutally limited freedoms and had critical journalists locked up indiscriminately.

The former president warned that when there is no law the country is a jungle.

Today Nigeria is cited as having the one of the worst global records for abuse of journalists with many detained illegally.

The Buhari government has been rated as having the worst intolerance record against the media in 35 years.

Jonathan also reminded Nigerians of how Buhari attempted to smuggle Umaru Dikko in a crate to Nigeria, earning Nigeria and Nigerian citizens the wrath of the UK and US.

Opposition, critics, bloggers, journalists and minorities are locked up indiscriminately and court orders for their release are boldly flaunted in what is described as a rule of tyranny and a jungle.

Watch clips:

While the almighty cabal and friends of Buhari like former SGF Babachir Lawal, many so-called converted PDP members like governor Akpabio, the Ikoyi millions Ayo Oke family, minister of Power, Fashola, CBN governor Godwin Emefiele, Kano governor Ganduje and too many to mention, have been implicated in corruption and remain untouchable, anyone who dares to question Buhari gets slammed in jail and denied bail release.

The video is spreading like wildfire with lot’s of shock reactions.