#UndressNASS: Several Rights Groups Protest Jumbo Assembly Salaries At National Assembly


Several civil right groups including ENDS, Change Agents Nigeria, Arise Nigeria, Conscience Nigeria and others staged protests at the Nigerian National Assembly Tuesday.

The protesters were requesting for a 60-90% down review of legislator salaries.

Nigerian law makers who consume a budget of as much as N150 billion ( $1 billion) are known to be the most extravagant lawmakers in the entire world. This has brought severe criticism from Nigeria’s millions of poor and right activists.

The protesters further demanded the scrapping of the entire senate, asking for Nigeria to adopt a unicameral system.

Talking to the media, Dr. Peregrino Brimah of ENDS highlighted the several known and hidden excesses by the lawmakers and evidences of gross corruption including the illegal appropriation of Apo estate senate quarters by legislators. He asked for the cancellation of the “constituency projects” budget which senators receive as much as N240 million for.


Progress Okuk, a well known right activist called out the senators as literally “wearing our hospitals, driving our schools and eating our pipe borne water.”

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The advocates promised to continue protests till their demands were met on behalf of Nigerians.