United States Army Building “Great Wall” In Africa’s Niger To Fence Terrorists, In Or Out?

Muhammad Daud


Donald Trump
Donald Trump

The United States republican party presidential debate has been inundated with the Donald Trump promise to build a “Great Wall” to fence off illegal and sometimes dangerous immigrants. The lead republican candidate has promised that the wall can and will be built at much less cost than nay-sayers suggest. The wall is proposed to be human and technological in addition to having physical parts.

While the concept of building such walls is not new in world history, with the Great wall of China being an example that readily comes to mind as also the Israeli fence locking out Palestinians, the proposition to build a wall at the US southern border was actually not invented by Donald Trump as the candidates and many in the media attempt to portray, but conceived years ago way ahead of this campaign.

diffa-nigerWhat is interesting is that while the debate is ongoing the soldiers of the very United States are actually participating actively in maintaining a similar barrier-wall for a similar purpose in a rather poor nation comparatively. Yes, in Diffa, Niger republic, north of Nigeria US soldiers along with a U.S. non-profit group, Spirit of America have been engaged in fencing the border stretch from Boko Haram terrorists.

The area in question is 170 miles (273-km). In comparison, the US-Mexican border is 1,933 miles, just about 10xs the Diffa border.

Analysts Say The Wall May Rather Be To Keep The Terrorists In Diffa

Boko Haram terrorists have been using Diffa in Niger as a recruitment zone and a safe haven. Interestingly, Boko Haram experts are of the opinion that several of the sect’s leaders, the elusive Abubakar Shekau as well as a newly noticed faction leader, Muhammadu Daud and the unrevealed leader Khalid Al-Barnawi are actually safely hiding in the very Diffa. Ryan Cummings, a political security analyst tweeted,

Fulan Nasrallah, also known for his intelligence on the Boko Haram terror orgainzation who had earlier stated that Khalid Al Barnawi and other terror leaders had since relocated to the very Diffa, being walled in, also tweeted,

There are more questions than answers in regards to the US policies at home and abroad and the use of its military.